To kill or not to kill

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  • millie210

    I dont carry. I am afraid of guns and my ineptness with them.

    My son is 6' 4 and 240 lbs. He looks like a moving wall but is very gentle and calm. HE carries.

    He says "ever notice how these public shooters (campus, nightclubs etc) are never found at a high school football game in Texas? Do you understand why that is?"

    Yes! I do understand, I just dont feel like I am a good gun handler.

    I do have two very aggressive big dogs.

    So far, so good.

  • _Morpheus

    John davis, you are 100% wrong. No state in the union says you have to retreat IN YOUR OWN HOME. In public, yes of course, in many states. "Stand your ground" became famous (or infamous) during the george zimmerman trail but those laws have no bearing on home defense.

  • dogon

    You do not have to retreat in your own home. Unless you live in Kalifornia or some other communist state. Dubbers for the most part do not believe in self defense. They are taught this from the cult. The letter I received and posted from the cult shows this clearly. Dogs are very good as a deterrent for break-ins. But you can not take them every where. I had a situation here in Fla. that could have ended bad. My wife and I were on our way to a comedy club to see Kevin Pollak. We took a back way were this is an area of the city that never was developed. A lot of roads in the sub but nothing built. We were doing the speed limit. A small mini Cooper pulled up behind us and started to flash its lights. There was a mile or more of straight road with no oncoming traffic. I kept my speed. After about 2 min. the car passed at high speed and went about half a mile turned into a road and turned around and waited for us to drive by. At that point I had my 9mm ready to go in hand. The cooper pulled in behind us again. At that point I told my wife to call 911 and describe the car. I had gotten part of the LP when it passed the first time. She was giving a discription of the car and what we had of the plate when it pulled along side us. It was dark I could not see in the other car. There could have been a gun pointed at us. It ran beside us for about a mile. Then I believe it saw my wifes phone light and speed off. We gave a description of the car but I doubt anything happened. If I would have seen gun fire coming I would have opened up on it.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Dagon ยป I don't agree with the idea of brandishing a gun to scare off an intruder. If they are in my home bag em. The old saying I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

    The idea isn't to kill someone, but to deter someone. There's a moral dimension to self defense. A gun should not simply be brandished as a means of impressing a bad guy -- that's a good way to be killed or seriously hurt. Either an intruder is in your house to hurt you or take what you have. I talked to an ex-burglar one time who became a security expert. He was in a house he thought was deserted one night and he was putting things in a black bag -- whatever he could grab. "I thought I was alone," he said. "(If I wanted to meet people I woulda been a mugger.) Anyway, I was shoving stuff into this bag when I heard the most frightening sound I'd ever heard. It was a metallic, yet familiar sound. Then it struck me what it was -- it was the sound of a semi-automatic pistol being racked back and released!"

    The ex-burglar said it was the last sound he ever heard as a burglar. "I was so scared I left my bag, my tools, everything, and I took off in the straightest direction outta there that was open to me!" His tools were specialized, he said, and not cheap. But he left everything behind and never burgaled another home. "That one sound was enough to turn my life around," he said.

    This .357 Ruger Speed-Six is one of the sweetest self defense guns out there. It shoots both .357 and .38 Specials.. I use .38s for the home, but .357s for hiking, camping or cross country travel by car. It's stopping power is legendary.

  • dogon

    If your goal is to deter someone, you should not have a gun. Once someone has broken into your home is posing an imminent threat you don't deter. You shoot and you shoot to kill. If you think about deterring then your setting yourself up to be killed.

  • Vidiot

    The prospect of using deadly force - even in self-defense - is all but forbidden in Watchtowistan.

    You're guaranteed a resurrection if a bad guy kills you, after all. ()

  • dogon

    Where does that leave Serena Williams? She just ran a red light and killed someone.

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