To kill or not to kill

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  • dogon

    I am a liberal on somethings like Health care. I believe that single payer is the only way to go. On immigration I am also very conservative. I believe we need to stop all Muslim immigration as they do not assimilate to western style of living. On firearms I fall into the conservative camp. Here in the US other than places like NYC or California Mass and the other usual suspects one can buy most any gun they want to. You can even buy without any qualification an 80% lower AR or Phoenix pistol kit and make your own gun. No serial numbers at all.

  • dogon
  • dogisgod

    I would shoot them in a nano second.

  • waton

    The moment you enter my home with intent, you have forfeited your life. If the stae will not protect me I will have to.

    bright note, a lady in mtl ran down a thief with her car, , who had stolen her purse! pinned him underneath, and will not be charged. sad part: he survived to victimize again.

  • Rainbow_Troll

    JWs are politically neutral, not pacifists. I can't see anyone who owns a gun hesitating for a second in a situation like that.

  • dogon

    RT you are wrong. Just read the letters the Watchtower sent me. They do not support using deadly force to protect your life. I know many many dubbers who would not use deadly force at all. I know some who would but its very frowned on and they do not talk about it.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    In most cases a homeowner doesn't have to shoot an intruder. Just producing a gun is enough to hold the guy for police. A criminal's family also can sue for wrongful death if one isn't careful. When I received my first instruction back in the 80s, my instructor told me to never shoot anyone in the dark. Turn on the lights and take cover behind a bed or a desk. If an intruder has a knife, and you have time to issue a verbal command, it's probably a good idea to do so. But if they have a gun, you're under no obligation to warn. Shoot them until they're no longer a threat.

    The worse thing you can do is to try to talk to someone with a gun. Experience has shown you can't shoot and talk at the same time. And cops have recently learned that a determined man with a knife can reach someone armed with a gun and carve them up before being stopped (20 feet is the distance they've determined for cops).

    I live in a horribly anti-gun state, but I just won't go into a national park unless I'm armed, legally or otherwise. When I was younger, I worked for the NRA and I've interviewed park rangers, people attacked by bears -- but one of the most interesting guys I talked to was literally terrorized by a man who threatened his family. He'd shoot into the guy's house into lit rooms and the police could never prove it was him. One night the bad guy broke into this fellow's house. In the firefight that ensued, he was forced into the back yard and hid behind a refrigerator that was under repair.

    "I had a speedloader loaded with armor-piercing ammo," he said, "and I fired four shots at the refrigerator. I was about to shoot again when the guy just fell dead sideways." When I asked where he'd gotten the ammo, he said he made it from a steel dow and cut it in pieces and reloaded it. He was completely exonerated, but in this case his primary fear was that the guy would live to come back and harm his family. "He wanted to harm me by killing my wife or kids, and there was clearly something wrong with the guy, but I didn't care -- he had it in for my family." He had them trained to hit the floor when they heard shots fired.

  • barry

    Dead men don't tell tales. Just remember

  • dogon

    I don't agree with the idea of brandishing a gun to scare off an intruder. If they are in my home bag em. The old saying I would rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I would not live in a state that was anti gun such as Kalifornia or assachucets. NY, NJ to name a few others. As far as shooting in the dark, you must know that your target is an intruder and not a friend or family member. That said if an intruder is in your home I don't have to see a weapon, I have every right to assume that they are there to do me harm. Remember that black kid shot breaking into the woman's home? His relatives were so stupid the dumb bitch cousin said the next day, He was just trying to get his school cloths money, how he gona get his money.

  • dogon

    Here is another thing people do not understand. Unless you have a 3006 shooting someone with a 9mm or 45acp and getting a one shot stop unless you hit the heart or head direct it not very probable. People can be shot with a 9mm and not even know it. Take for example that guy who shot the TV reporter and filmed it a year back. She was mortally wounded but jumped like she heard a fire cracker and ran off. Take a 200 pound man. He can get to you even after a shot to the chest. You need to learn double tap. Two quick rounds to center mass and follow up if they keep coming until not moving on the ground.

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