EdenOne, Mrs. Eden & Son: DISASSOCIATED!

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  • freddo

    Brilliant letter!

    I wonder if there is anyone left in the Portuguese branch to read it after all the cutbacks! Maybe send a copy to some of the congregation members that you know?

  • EdenOne

    I was a friend of the person who is in charge of the Service Department here at the Branch Office in Portugal, since he had been for many years the PO of my congregation and we had a good relationship. I handed over the letter regarding the National Defense Day personally to him at Bethel. So I know it wasn't lost in the mail ... plus, I received a letter from the CO acknowledging the reception of a copy of that letter and saying that, since I presented my case to Bethel, it should be Bethel to deal with it. The Body of Elders also got a copy of that letter.

    In any case, the reply was ... *crickets*


  • EdenOne

    It's official : It was announced from the platform at tonight's meeting. I'm officially out of this cult.

    Mrs. Eden will follow suit on tomorrow's meeting (on the brief time she went back in she moved to the neighbor congregation, so it will be announced there).

    My name is Ricardo and I am proudly an ex-JW and an anti-Watch Tower Society promoter.

    Cheers to all of you.


  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Congratulation on your family's decision to let go of 8 million conditional friends. You just officially entered into the world where "friendships and brotherhoods" are not instantaneous, but, once you get them, they are long lasting and will be with you through thick and thin regardless of your personal beliefs in a deity.

    By the way, my JW wife and daughter and my non-JW son are going to be in Lisbon tomorrow (almost today for you). They are in a tour through Spain, Morocco, Portugal, Spain. If I had been with them, I would have searched for your family to give you a big hug.

    I will save it for next time. May be in the U.S. or in Portugal.


  • DJS

    The letter is perfect. Welcome to the rest if your life Ricardo.

    Pleased to meet you. i am David James

  • Ghiagirl

    Congrats!! You have so much courage. So happy for you family, we are the few fortunate ones to be out with our mates and children. I have a 10 month old son who will never have to live the lies we have. Unfortunately he will have to live a life with limited association with any family that does want to see him, and almost every single family member on m husbands side who has nothing to do with him or my husband and I. A confusing situation. But better to be on our side where we are awake and living life to the fullest.

  • EdenOne

    NAJW, I live in the suburbs of Lisbon, in a sought-after tourist area (Cascais, Estoril, Sintra). Actually, I live quite near the Portuguese branch office (can see it from my house, a couple of miles away). If one of you happens to come this way send me a message.

    Ghiagirl, I'm very fortunate. If you go through my old posts you will see that this was a story with ups and downs and setbacks, but finally we got out all together. I am especially happy that my son escaped the cult before it would cause permanent damage to his life. We still have family in, some of it super zealots, quite high in the hierarchy and frankly, we don't see them giving up their comfortable career in the Organization. Some other family, however, could open their eyes through our example and consider leaving as well. I'm hopeful they might do that at some point in the future.

    DJS Nice to meet you, David :)


  • EdenOne

    Someone gave Cofty a "dislike" vote for congratulating me? Why?


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