How many people have been woken up by the A.R.C??

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  • zeb

    DOC, "Nearly everyone in the US is totally oblivious to the ARC. Hell, they don't even know about the Conti and Lopez trials. As expressed in earlier posts here, most DO NOT WANT TO KNOW. "

    I blame the mainstream American media for this. How much reporting on what happens in other countries is shown on the news in the US. ? When president Bush visited here the only thing shown of his visit to the US was some fool story about 'crocodile insurance'.

    Do not want to know? Is like the German citizens living near the death camps who didn't want to know until they were forced by General Eisenhower at gun point to walk through the camps and look and smell the results of Nazi handiwork. I perceive that one day the wilfully blind jw will to be forced to see what they don't want to see. I predict then a lot of suicides.

    The bible makes no record of this but hm Pharisees committed suicide when the events around the death of the Christ rattled home to them what they had done and NOT WANTED TO SEE.

  • jookbeard

    I dont let a single chance pass when I meet them and mentioning the ARC, who knows how much their curiosity might be stirred

  • Vidiot
    zeb - "The justice at the ARC stated (from memory) that the wt elders appearing at the commission were among the least prepared and had no knowledge of procedure and they all had terrible memories."

    They definitely did not help put a positive spin on the WTS.

    They probably...

    a) ...had virtually no advance warning...

    b) ...never really believed that the inquiry would go the way it did...

    c) ...figured that God's "Holy Spirit" would guide their words and help them eloquently defend the WTS's policies. ()

    Not that I'm feeling a whole lot of sympathy.

    IMO, it's very telling when - internally - the loyal and dutiful representatives of "God's Earthly Organization" bravely dismiss and decry "Satan's World"...


    ...when they're put in the hot seat before the "superior authorities", they just end up sweaty, stammering, and stupefied.

    At least back during the Walsh trial, Freddy Franz and Hayden Covington had the balls to own up to the Org's more offensive doctrines.

    The WT reps who spoke at the ARC? Not so much.

  • Simon

    There will be a lot that won't see it or will ignore and dismiss the content of it if they learn about it.

    One day, they'll leave and wonder why they couldn't see it wasn't the truth and why the information was hidden from them. Some will realize they did it to themselves, but were conditioned to.

  • Confusedandangry

    Can I just add that back in early 2016 one random night after the meeting and elder came up to me saying he knows it must be hard being a female and if I had ever been sexually abused I had to forgive, pray & rely on Jehovah. Then he read me some scriptures from his bible. I was so stunned by his words I couldn't even respond. What do you even say to something like that? It was in the middle of the hall, anyone could have heard. This was a 70 year old man who never had a single conversation with me during my time in that KH. Talk about ODD! Turns out they told the same spiel to several other sisters in the hall. Sorry if I went off topic, just wanted to get that off my chest. I just wonder if that had anything to do with the ARC.

  • freddo

    A fair few elders here in my neck of the woods in the UK know about the A.R.C.

    One of my cong elders deluded himself or lied about it by saying to me that "Geoffrey Jackson went to see his dying father and got pulled off the plane and stuck in front of the commission as soon as it landed."

    I bit my tongue and a week later went up to him at the hall and said I had watched the ARC and checked what he had told me and found it untrue and that I found out that far from being "pulled off the plane" Geoffrey Jackson had been given several weeks before being called because of his father and that Tokley (the WT brief) had tried his best to get him excused.

    I went on to say that Jackson had been given permission to be questioned via video link in Mid-August and that his father hadn't died until the 30th September. The elder told me I obviously had a lot of time on my hands to do "all that research".

  • freddo

    Also ...

    I had two goons on my case last year and I directly told them my concerns about the ARC. They didn't ask what I was talking about. They knew.

    I told them I was embarrassed and ashamed by how bad "we" looked as jw's. One of them was dumb enough to say "Well, did you see the catholics? We weren't nearly as bad as the catholics".

    I bared my teeth a tiny bit and snorted "Not as bad as the catholics! The catholics?! Haven't we spent the last century deriding and exposing the catholics as tools of Satan? Is that all you've got? I thought we were the one true religion!"

    He shut up at that point and his sidekick told me I was being negative and i should stop causing divisions by mentioning it.

  • Betheliesalot

    Any chance I get, I replay this news report in Dallas about elder sex abuse right here in Texas. Usually get a dumbfounded look and they say Jehovah will clean out his org. and the subject gets changed akwardly

  • Finkelstein

    Some will realize they did it to themselves, but were conditioned to.

    Just to follow up on Simon's comment ...

    The JWS psychological mantra is that since the organization conducts itself inline with Scripture it can do no wrong or just needs little tweaking from time to time, but still upholds a lofty righteous stature as an organization.

    The recent opening up of how religious organizations have been covering up instances of pedophilia within their organization has it hit the JWS as well and has subsequently tarnished its long standing self imposed lofty image of righteousness above all other Christian based faiths.

    This situation has awoken a few JWs to finally walk away from the WTS's harmful corruption.

  • Simon
    Turns out they told the same spiel to several other sisters in the hall.

    Maybe something had happened and they were trying to silence potential victims / stop more coming forward? How low suggesting that the victim is the one that needs to pray.

    People only need to pray because they allow other people to prey.

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