The JW take on Black lives matter at the summer convention

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  • purrpurr

    Another "Gem" from the convention. there's a talk about remaining neutral. One of the topics they say JW's should avoid is the topic of "peoples lives matter" which is barely veiled code for Black lives matter. The talk went on to say that only satan's people defend this issue,the ones who get involved even mentally with this issue will have the mark of the wild beast, that the gov puts people under compulsion to take a side in these matters, that JW's need courage to stay separate, if not they will get mark of wild beast, they should not get mentally involved in debates, (thought crime),that JW's should suffer for taking a stand. JW's should avoid those who are for a change in society. the message was clear... do not mentally agree or disagree with these issues, do not get involved even mentally. it will displease Jehovah and he will judge you and mark you.

    They also said "do not criticise political leaders, do not believe biased media or watch it." hmmm, i wonder if the GB approve of Trump?

  • pale.emperor

    Don't criticize political leaders?

    Wonder if the Russian JWs are neutral about Putin?

  • Diogenesister
    Wonder if the Russian JWs are neutral about Putin?

    P.E. wins the Watchtower "burn" *for today!!

    *12 year old speak for a "diss"LoL


    The WTBTS loves Trump because Jared Kurshner loves Watchtower Real Estate.

    Talk about mark of the Beast...🙄


  • blownaway

    The tower has always done this. Not to get involved in anything other than preaching and reading cult lit. That said the Black lies murder is a terrorist org. Responsible for killing cops.

  • HiddlesWife

    The GB is actually selfish and racist themselves; they want all of the focus on them--so that any and all $$$$ are to be given to them and them only (not for any cause or movement).

  • JW_Rogue

    How do you not have a thought one way or another especially if your a minority group? I could see saying not to get involved or protest but everyone will have an opinion whether they express it or not.


    Nope. No thoughts... Not allowed. That’s good training for the Orwellian dystopia of WTBTS Pandadise. 🐼


  • ragingmad

    but they are absolutely correct by saying this. All lives do matter, it's just an understood moral law.

  • minimus

    Obviously they don’t want you commenting or even THINKING about this subject! Talk about thought police!

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