The JW take on Black lives matter at the summer convention

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  • steve2

    Of course a predominantly while male patriarchally-protecting leadership would not care about the lives of minorities and seek to interpret neutrality as obedience to their “ordained” leadership. Of course they would. They could or would take no other stand.

  • minimus

    I don’t support BLM and it’s not because I don’t think black lives matter.

  • Simon
    I don’t support BLM and it’s not because I don’t think black lives matter.

    I agree. BLM is one of the most damaging things to happen to the black community in quite a while. It's a politically instigated 'movement' masquerading as civil rights but based on complete lies. It does nothing to help the majority of black people (but is very profitable for a small few).

  • sparrowdown

    Speaking out of both sides of their arse as usual. WT are using media more than ever these days to cry foul about the Russian ban to promote letter writing campaigns, conventions and carts and issue statements about how they "abhor child abuse" and whatnot should we believe media then?

  • stuckinarut2

    I wonder how quiet they would be if they were "persecuted"?


    Or if the GB were sexually abused?


  • sparrowdown

    We know how quiet they would be about persecution "wah wah wah" is what they say.

    In fact they invent persecution just so they can be persecuted because persecution is so hot right now.

    #GBtoo has a nice ring to it.

  • WTWizard

    The proper thing would be to thoroughly research what this group stands for. This is the same as for the Tea Party and the Occupy movements of 2010 and 2011, respectively. Does the group stand for eliminating of a majority group? Or, stripping productive people of their assets to help parasites? Is it a form of communism? If so, by all means reject it but because of that, not because the jokehovian leaders said so.

    By the way, the jokehovian witless religion is also a form of communism.

  • ragingmad

    incorrect @WTWizard, it's a theological anarchy.

    Why are so many people on this forum politically on the right?

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