What will be the Next Flip Flop?

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  • Lieu

    A Prodigal child?

    Well, welcome him back and throw the child a feast. That's what Jesus' Prodigal father did in the parable. It was Jesus himself relaying that parable, yes?

    Oh wait, I see, be like the angry older brother???

    Lol, those scriptures have nothing to with the comments being made or how to help someone whose faith is 'weak'.

    Corinthians is talking about how all are part of Christ's body but have different purposes. Galatians is talking about circumcision being unecessary for Gentiles and followers of Christ in general. Jude has nothing to do with the article at all.

    All out of context and discombobulated as usual.

    In reality, Biblically speaking, the Prodigal's Son had nothing to do with weak faith .... Guy just went off to spend his inheritance on drink and prostitutes. 

  • Lieu

    Anyhow, I don't think there will be a fix to the errant disfellowshipping policy; it's the only power they wield over adherents.

    Don't listen to us - disfellowship

    Question us - disfellowship

    Doubt us - disfellowship

    Contradict us - disfellowship

    Call the police on us - disfellowship

    Yada Yada Yada Yada ....

  • purrpurr

    I said recently to my jw parents that the WT is going to have to abandon the number of anointed being literal and also 1914. They were appalled and said that will never happen since both doctrines are core doctrines of the JW's.

    I wonder what their reaction will be if this does happen?

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