Memorial mixed emotions...

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  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    No feeling of being pulled back but you must understand that JW's are programed to see this as a time to reach out to those inactive or who left.

    I remember folks used to get excited oh my son/daughter doesn't go anymore BUT THEY WENT TO THE MEMORIAL?!?

    Its sad really my wifes bat shit crazy aunt called and asked are we going to the memorial this year...HUH!!!

    We haven't set foot in a hall since 2006 or 7 and she thinks we are going to the memorial?!?

    Can you say delusional?

  • sowhatnow

    all i feel is stress, and condemnation. nothing positive.

    my mom decided to rope me into a heated discussion again, she has nothing else to talk about after all shes 73.she starts reading the article to me from her tablet, and i asked her where a print article was, she got it and i proceeded to underline and ask her how any of the scriptures prove anything that is mentioned in the paragraphs.

    i said you know if you look in the yearbook, the number of partakers is going up not down, and years ago they claimed that when all those remaining 8000 or so were dead Armageddon must be here.

    so gee how many people are mentally unstable? lol is this their only explanation of why the number is going up?

    i asked my mom all the time, show me the scripture to support the idea that people who think they are anointed but are not, would mistake that, since the holy spirit is supposed to make sure they do not doubt. and who judges those ones as to whether they are mistaken? lol.

    and where do you get the idea that god can take away your gift he gave you of being anointed. you don't give a gift freely then make it conditional. were all imperfect people, and that's a wrong conclusion. nothing should be conditional based on imperfection.

    that means then, the holy spirit or god of jesus, doesn't make himself clear. they would be telling a lie or holding back important information.

    and what extra 'special' attributes do those who feel they are anointed have, from so many people other loyal good people on earth, that these particular people are chosen to be kings over everyone else?

    so they have special exp in being a judge?

    and where, oh where , does it say that women were ever anointed or are of the 144000? where does it say 144000 are even anointed? does it?

    how can you take half a scripture and say its symbolic and claim the other half is real?

    she cannot show me.

    then i see in that magazine that stupid picture of flames over peoples heads, which is something that sets me off.

    so i said, mom , lets read the whole account in Acts.

    so i read it to her verse by verse, and asked her how the society came to the conclusion, other than wild imagination and speculation as assumption, that the approximately 120 men who were casting lots, [no holy spirit involved there, lol] who were to come together for the sole purpose of choosing a replacement for Judas, [so for some reason that number12 was maintained], has anything to do with the scene at the Pentecost, which is clearly identifying the persons involved as only the apostles, and only men, who received the holy spirits help, as they were told in acts chapter one verse 8. he wasn't talking to anyone else, no one else was there.

    she simply refuses to see the obvious. three separate events, not one. she knows it she just doesn't know what to d about it.

    she always always somehow brings up holidays and how everyone celebrates pagan holidays and that is how she knows she has the truth.


    for her its all about attacking holidays.

    I said, now why, if the society can change their mind about something, and I knew years ago that what they were thinking was wrong, why are they ok to be wrong but not me? why am I criticized but not them? why am i called names, but not them? why dd the holy spirit allow them to make such mistakes? if they are always learning and having new light, then why is ot not ok for me to have my own thoughts?

    because by defending them, you in fact are worshiping those ones who print that info up, and preach it, and believe their ideas as infallible,

    and I do not.

    boy that pisses her off. lol

    she hates it when I tell her she worships the governing body and their media empire.

    somehow someway i have to keep myself sane.

  • flipper

    I respect people who feel they might still believe in the Bible or have the need for believing in Jesus. I'm just not one of those people who need to believe in it because I feel I've already saved myself.

    I'm the one who escaped from a mind control cult teaching fantasy and unrealities. With the help of sites like this one, reading books like Ray Franz's books and Steve Hassan's books and much access to information that helped me gain freedom of mind- I have no need of a savior. I saved myself by educating myself. Now these last almost 13 years or so I have a bright new perspective on life- without what I would consider superstitious beliefs. But if others feel they need it- that's up to them, it's freedom of choice in this world we live in

  • OnTheWayOut
    ...I sort of have to respect Jws for trying to bring peoples attention to his sacrifice at this time of year and I am toying with the idea of attending. For a few reasons, mainly because I want to acknowledge his sacrifice and don't know how or where else to do it and I want to test how I feel about things after 6 months since my last meeting.

    Do as you must. But know this- JW's do not respect anyone outside of JW's and the way they bring attention to "his sacrifice." They are not trying to bring attention to Jesus at this time of year, but rather to the Watchtower Cult and their way of observing such.

    As for myself, I wouldn't want to open a can of worms and send a message that I might come back because I attend the Memorial. Besides my becoming an atheist (not the thread to debate that, but has to be mentioned in my reasoning), I would not want to be dragged into a judicial matter because the elders thought I was starting to "fellowship" again. If I felt the need to go, I would go somewhere that my elders are not attending.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    I like the Memorial. It is only 1 hr, everyone looks so pretty and in really good spirits, then we go out to eat and drink at some nice restaurant. Yeah, I enjoy the Memorial.


  • Joliette
    Yeah I couldnt agree with you more. Mixed emotions about the memorial, conventions, assemblies, etc.

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