Do you think any of the GB have different beliefs?

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  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    Do you think any higher ups know that much of the doctrine they teach is bunk? Thinking back to the time of Raymond Franz, how he pointed out specifically numerous teachings that the churches really did have right all along, and really ANY of the hidden mic apostacy trials you listen to on YouTube, you see that even when inconvenient Bible teachings are proven, the Elders just try to sweep it under the rug and move on. I think I remember Franz saying how one of the GB approached him somewhat sympathetically, but there was nothing he could do.

    Whether you believe in the Bible or not, there are some basic beliefs common among most denominations because they're just so plainly stated, such things as heavenly life for all Christians, no central authority structure, minimal use of God's name, etc. With all the research these guys have done books they've read for selective quote mining and apostacy cases they've heard, you can't help but wonder how they can just make themselves forget, and if maybe some harbour private beliefs but 'wait on Jehovah'.

    For instance at the annual meeting Sam Herd was speaking of his father who never became a Witness, and speaking of his age said:

    and today if he were . . . uh . . . if he would be here, he would be [so many years] old

    To me it sounds like he almost said "if he were alive" but then corrected himself to say awkwardly "if he would be here", as if maybe he hopes he's in heaven watching over him right now, as many like to think. I know I could easily be reading too much into it but I was just thinking.

  • nowwhat?

    I think Samuel herd is the only honest one of the bunch. But unfortunately his personality doesn't want to make any waves. Which is why they probably appointed him to begin with.

  • Vidiot

    If they do, I would imagine they keep it to themselves.

    Although we have read a few stories here about the shouting matches overheard behind the closed doors of GB staff meetings.

    So maybe not.

  • eyeuse2badub

    They have to have different beliefs otherwise there would be no changes to the dogma, no "new light". You gotta wonder which one of those guys came up with "overlapping generations"!

    just saying!



  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    I had two Circuit Overseers point-blank refuse to discuss the org's dogma which says Romans 6:7 refers to a person's physical death and not figurative - as verses 2,4,6,8,10,11 clearly prove.

    In hindsight, I concluded that these two men couldn't risk agreeing with a publisher and being 'outed.'

  • hybridous

    Do you think any of the GB have different beliefs?

    Of course.

    How is their official doctrine established? Don't they have a voting system?

    If all these guys had identical thoughts/ideas, there'd be nothing to vote on.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    I wonder how much of ANYTHING they actually believe. What sense does it make to believe that you are appointed by holy spirit by others who were appointed by holy spirit, but that the very people who appointed you by holy spirit we're WRONG about almost everything else they said and did?

    How could you seriously think they would be right about picking YOU when they were wrong about prophesy, doctrine, medical directives, organizational arrangements, ministry arrangements, public relations campaigns, publication tone, style, content matter etc. ad infinitum?

    Are they just as deluded as the people they lead (yes, including me for several years... ) or are they doing it on purpose?

  • caves

    I wonder how many are pedophiles, they are so lawyered up it would take abusing a billionaires child to even begin to make a case against them that stuck. I'm not saying they are but it would not surprise me. I think I might be surprised if they were not. Herd is the token subservient black guy.

    I bet they have some f'up vices.

  • waton

    6 hours ago
    I wonder how much of ANYTHING they actually believe.

    J_A: If you watch wt officials , you can discern, that they are shaky and shaken about their dogma. it is all about bland mind control stuff, lukewarm old illustrations, empty smiles. empty seats.

  • smiddy3

    Of course they do ,but they have painted themselves into a corner by their having believed and promoted this religion for so many years ,and that they are now beholden to it for their financial livelihoods and to come out against it now would leave them and their wives destitute.

    They simply have too much to lose personally.

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