My Personal Atheist Manifesto?

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  • dubstepped

    I just like to talk about things. You have your perspective and I mine. Neither are necessarily right or wrong, just different I guess. I'm not trying to rap anyone's knuckles, just trying to discuss perspectives.

    Yes, he has power, but the moment he pushes too far he has none. That's the thing about the cult, even those positions of power are a robe you put on that can be stripped immediately because even this elder with privilege in our minds is subject to the greater power of the cult.

    Is he a hypocrite? Absolutely. Most of us are if examined close enough, but you don't have to examine him closely to see it. Are his intentions bad? Probably not. He seems like he's trying to do the best he can to mitigate the culture of the prison he's in, and not just for himself.

    I think I see it kind of like a woman that lives with an abusive man, who abuses both her and the kids. Ideally she would leave, but she's broken in ways and not healthy enough to get out. Even if she ran, she might not be able to take the kids, she might just escape herself. She has a measure of power but being so dominated it means very little. It may be that the best she can do at the time is to shelter the kids as much as she can when she can. That's what I kind of see him doing. The difference is that he's a man and elder so it's hard to see him as a victim, even though he is. Like her, if he leaves he may lose everything that is all he knows. He doesn't know what healthy is. Again, I've left out personal details.

    Hating on this guy because Addison has a rough time doesn't mean much. It's like the discussion of who had it worse, men or women, in the cult. All were victims. All had massive problems. The comparison usually serves no purpose but to further divide and is usually incomplete and viewed again only through a supposed lens of power but misses so much.

  • humbled

    Thanks for the response. I do hope you know I’m not hating on this guy. It’s just that there is a problem that staying in a position of power helps create degrees of difficulty for others. And yes he is abused also.

    I appreciate your illustration Comparing him to an abused woman with children. There certainly are no-win aspects to the scenario though. Believing there is easy out She may try to shelter and quietly teach a better way but as time goes on the children will grow they will be formed in a conflicted environment. When the day comes that she sees the sons and daughters become dismissive of her for being neither this nor that, perhaps abusive as the father had been, or just sad and confused, daughters angry at her indecisiveness then you wonder.. there will be injury anyway you cut it but... Being honest has its own power. The truth can make you brave. It is messy to be sure, painful too. But it seems to me in both instances there will be pain and a mess ...just one that is deferred.

    Not hating on the guy. Nor on the woman.

  • TD

    Maybe my perception is skewed in some way, (Perhaps by the type of JW' who will actually talk to people like us..) but I don't think I've ever met one who accepted it all.

    I don't know a single JW who does not secretly believe that "good" people will survive Armageddon.

    I don't know a single JW who does not secretly believe the resurrected will marry.

    I don't know a single JW who did not secretly believe that children lost in miscarriages would be resurrected (This was back before they changed their mind on that question.)

    I know JW's who don't believe that all animals were originally vegetarian. Or that the earth was originally one climate. Or that species don't evolve. (Albeit on a limited basis)

    I know JW's who accept the prohibition on transfusion, but believe the reasoning is flawed.

    The more intelligent the individual, the more they are likely to reject and the more convoluted (And precarious) their reasoning becomes.

  • dubstepped

    My wife was on Twitter yesterday and saw a person that was never baptized arguing about their stance on blood. She was convinced that millions were dying of blood transfusions and that you would inherit the personality of the donator. I think that often the most dangerous ones aren't even in the organization, they're on the outside with just enough information to be dangerous.

    That or they're disfellowshipped people that are POMI and they feel such shame about what they did and where they are that they'll hold on to all kinds of crazy.

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