Anyone know of elders talking private KH matters to wifes?

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  • minimus

    I never told my wife anything that went on at judicial meetings but I might talk about how stupid an idea was that Bro Weirdo was trying to suggest simply because of the ridiculousness of a Situation.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Normally I'd never say something like this but the answer to your question is a resounding- Yes.

    Her name was Peggy (fatty) McMonogle and his name was Jerry. Jerry (allegedly) told her everything that went on behind closed doors and she'd (allegedly)drop hints to let people know that she knew things about them, then she'd waddle away with a smirk across that buck-toothed face of hers, looking quite pleased with herself.

    After passing judgment on scores of congregation members for years, Jerry (allegedly) ended up cheating on Ol' Fatty (don't blame him) with some chain smoking hag of a woman from his job and was removed as an Elder. They split up and she had to go out to work for the first time in her live in her 50's and got a good dose of reality out in the real world. Last I heard, her ignorant clod of a husband was still stuck hanging drywall well into his 50's despite his back and knee troubles. (maybe there is a god, after all )

    Do I sound bitter?? That's good, because I am.

    In the end, Fatty M. and Jerry got what they deserved, as far as I'm concerned...they caused a lot of damage. The only thing good that came of it was that their conduct woke my family up with out me having to say a word.

    ( allegedly sometimes means it happened, but you didn't hear it from me)

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh my word YES!

    As a ministerial servant, I was OFTEN told the most intimate details of Judicial committee matters.

    Often it was while at social events where elders who were known to overdrink, and hence "loosen their lips" would divulge things that should have been confidential! They would laugh and carry on while telling us these things. Their wives, and everyone were there listening.

    I can remember saying "I shouldnt know of these things!" The reply I got? "Well, you will be the next elder, so its ok for us to tell you this"

    Needless to say, I did NOT want to be part of that "boys club"!

  • zeb

    Yes! and proven by the elders at the CARC who stated they destroyed 'notes' on jc meetings so their wives would not get hold of them. They very clearly were announcing the appalling nosy behaviors of their wives was expected and was to be guarded against.

    NB: In early days my wife and I dropped in to an elders home and whilw waiting for him his wife was going full measure to another sister about a third and her medical situation and some of it was very personal...yoiks!

    If elders were schooled at anything like a basic, (most basic) level of interpersonel skills via a college thwe would know not to blab. If jw and women in this case had any decency and a life that had more than wt 'arrangements' they too would know not to blab; and have more to do that was/is creative..

  • stillin

    On the other hand there are elders who don't actually divulge confidential things about congregation members, they are content just letting enough slip out for you to know that they are special people, entrusted with special information. They have a special book and they have special powers. The innuendo is that the less you know, the better off you are, because you couldn't handle the things that they handle.

    Do I have a chip on my shoulder? I sure do!

  • tiki

    Haha...anyone know of elders NOT talking about private confidential stuff??

    Perhaps some were respectful enough to keep things to themselves.....but I bet they form a very slim minority.

  • Biahi

    My dad was an elder...he generally kept these items to himself, but one time he was so shocked and disgusted by a matter that he called me and my mom into the living room to tell us...that a married brother in his fifties, was having sex with his own sister. My dad was shocked and sickened, he is dead now, and so is the incestuous brother.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    Of course. We had one who would raise a controversial issue during the elders meeting and everyone would get stuck in about what to do with the person.

    And I would wait and then ask him "who did you hear this from?" He would bluster and say that it wasn't important who, they were sound and had reported it in earnestness etc, and get angry (I mean really angry) at me for pushing it. I knew as most of the quiet ones did, that his information came from his wife - who listened to every piece of gossip going.

    And he in turn would update her as she wore the trousers in that house.

    I recently heard that he is now the coordinator. His wife must be on cloud 9.

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