Anyone know of elders talking private KH matters to wifes?

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  • cofty

    Yes we had a very prominent elder who shared all confidential matters with his extended family and saw no problem with that. He was later deleted leading to all-out civil war.

    There are still things I haven't told my wife even though we have been out more than 24 years.

  • WillYouDFme

    Yes - most of them - duh

  • ShirleyW

    OF COURSE ! ! ! That's what elders wives do !

    Where do you think they get all the stuff they gossip about ?

    I've heard my elder dad tell my mom a few things after he got back from attending an elders meeting !!

  • LongHairGal


    There is no confidentiality in the Jehovah’s Witness religion.

    Anything told to an elder will get repeated - whether to a wife or somebody else who will then repeat it and so on. Your “problem” will be entertainment for the next gathering- that you won’t be invited to. Then the whole congregation will know what your story is. I learned many confidential and embarrassing things in my years as a JW. Things I had no business knowing. This was all the result of unaccountable mouths of elders.

    At least in the Catholic church you are in a confessional and it’s pretty much anonymous. The priest usually only talks to other priests and he is usually a priest for life...Now contrast that with the kingdom elder knows who you are; if he steps down what happens to all the ‘secrets’ he has heard over the years? Since he doesn’t seem to be legally bound like a lawyer or doctor- what confidence can anybody have in him keeping his mouth shut? It seems everybody is at the mercy of his discretion and that is assuming he even HAS any...Hell, he probably has no education so what does this mean to him anyway? Zero.

  • Gorbatchov

    Yep. It happend. We did. Regret it.



    We had a young 16-year-old baptized female in our congregation who was pronounced ''disfellowshipped'' at our Tuesday night Ministry School meeting. A couple of weeks later everyone knew why!!!! She was fornicating with her ''wordly'' boyfriend.

    Who knew besides the elders? Whose wife knew and gossipped? Now, the whole congregation knew she was a 16-year-old fornicator.

    Even worse was that her whole family were all at the meetings and left the 16-year-old at home by herself three days a week.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Thought I don't have a high opinion of the elders, I must say that I believe that the majority of them actually do hold to the secrecy and confidentiality. I've known of elders who lost their privileges for breaking such rule and we are all more than angry at them for upholding such confidentiality when it comes to pedophiles.

    On the other hand, their family (wife, kids, other people living with them), might not uphold such standards. They might see notes, overhear phone conversations, see emails, etc and than leak these information. For instance, many documents are leaked to the xjw community. Do you believe it is an elder in good standing that is behind such leaks every time?

    Then there is also the fact that many sisters confide in elder's wives. So, these conversation, along with the information she can rip from her husband, gives her a lot of power in connecting the dots and spreading the information across.

    For instance, perhaps it was even the mother of the 16 year old that confided in an elder's wife.

    My point is that though it is possible for elders to speak too much, I sincerely believe they are a minority. Perhaps 1 in 5?

  • sir82

    My point is that though it is possible for elders to speak too much, I sincerely believe they are a minority.

    Perhaps 1 in 5?


    1 in 5 are stupid enough or careless enough to get caught.

    Out of your sample of 5, 3 more just as loose-lipped, they just know enough not to get caught.

    And the 5th one treats it seriously. But he's also the one who gets burned out and quits after a few years, or gets screwed over by the others in their petty jealousy or scramble to the "top".

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    None of this is in any way surprising.

    The majority of the human species is born with a certain genetic defect, consisting of a mechanical interlock between the ear drum and the tongue. The slightest sound striking the ear drum automatically causes the tongue to flap about.

    This genetic trait is particularly noticeable in those types who are drawn to the JW religion!

  • EdenOne
    Anyone know of elders NOT talking private KH matters to wifes?

    There, fixed it for you.

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