Anyone know of elders talking private KH matters to wifes?

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  • Tobyjones262

    I knew of several elders who would tell their wife's everything that happened in a committee meeting. He is still and elder and very old but I doubt he has changed. we used to call him. would tell his wife everything and his kid my one time friend would tell me. I mean down to who cried and for what what and when. I don't believe this was a rarity. I knew one elder I worked for who would tell me things that went on about two couples swapping partners then he would laugh. I would never thing my info was safe with an elder.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Anyone know of elders talking private KH matters to wifes? - yes.

    I had two judicial committees in my late teens. One of the elders on the committee was my mate's dad.

    I suspected from the start that my mate and his sister knew about my JCs.

    I found out later that the whole family knew ... so much for confidentiality.

  • sir82

    Elders tell their wives, their kids, their golfing buddies, hell I wouldn't be surprised to see it posted on Instagram.

    I would never think my info was safe with an elder.

    Every JW and ex-JW should plaster a 24 X 36 poster of this in 72 point type on the inside of their front door, so they see it every day before going out.

    "Confidentiality" is a bigger myth than the idea that the "slave" is "faithful" and "discreet".

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    100% certain!

    The Service Overseer's wife let me know that she knew what was going on in a case I was "involved" with. (as a witness)

    Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, confide in or confess to an elder. You will always regret it!

  • Iown Mylife
    Iown Mylife

    Yes. My "best friend" was married to an elder. She repeated many things to me that he told her.

  • Solzhenitsyn

    101% absolutely.

    Confidentiality is a beautiful thing. Breaking confidentiality is nasty. JW elders are generally nasty and (not all) but the majority are 101% guilty.

    Every 90 days I would gather agenda points from the elders on our BOE and inevitabily would have to ask several times a year "Brother Shitstirrer is this matter a result of your prayerful thoughts or input from your wife or family member?"

    Fast forward to BOE meetings, including the last one I chaired in 02-2018. One elder started his concern with "I was talking to my wife last night and she is really concerned about sister opinionated who got in the face of sister bestlife ever in the Kroger parking lot and now brother bestlifeever is threatening to beat the shite out of sister opinionated" Ahh, so your wife asked that we discuss the matter. WAIT! Time out brothers, how about we talk about something much more pressing that brothers shitstirrers wife is concerned about, and that would be Brother Canthink4himselfs new beard!

    As far as between elders...I call it "back channeling". If I had a dollar for every time another elder wanted to 'have lunch' to discuss a matter behind other elders backs and sway the feelings of others......gosh id have enough money to pay cash for all the PTSD cult recovery psychiatrist sessions i now require.

    To this very day, elders are trying to "connect dots" as to where me and my family are, what we are doing, what % of meetings we are attending (which is -0%), are we attending in other congs, what are we talking to others about, are we associating with disfellowshipped people, ect.... Ha, my kids are prepared to offer 1 Thessalonians 4:11 as an answer to anyone who confronts them about what they have "been up to".

    Toward the end when i realized the true demon of breaking confidentiality, I enjoyed throwing out various bias statements and watching the rats go to work and create divisions. SO much energy is spent spreading REINTERPRETED information among JW bodies of elders which filters right down through the pioneer car groups and eventually into the minds of the rank and file.

  • My Name is of No Consequence
    My Name is of No Consequence

    Happens all the time.

  • pale.emperor

    My ex-father in law is an elder. He'd discuss judicial committee details at the family dinner table "for fun". We used to while away hours after dinner drinking wine and talking about brother-masturbator and what his favorite porn is, sister so-and-so who's been on a vacation with a non-JW man but assures us that nothing happened or brother and sister X who video taped themselves having sex and confessed to the elders.

    It happens - 100%.

    Not gonna lie, it was intriguing learning about the brothers and sisters in the hall. You'd never look at "poster girl pioneer" the same way after you've learned she has a dildo collection.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    I know of many elders who would respect the confidentiality. The problem is that you can easily have congregations with 5 elders. So, all you need is 1 in 5 elders to talk too much and voila!

  • minimus

    Funny thread!

    You could always tell that your private matter was talked about because the elders wife would begin to treat you differently

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