where have the demons gone?

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  • pale.emperor

    Ahh yes i've heard many many many of these stories growing up. Strangely enough the same story by different people in different parts of the country that all happened to "their mothers friend" or "their sisters, grandmothers, daughters, friend".

    My favourites include:

    1) One brother bought a calendar from a Chinese store. He didn't know what the Chinese characters said but that night i lay paralised in bed. He was pinned down by a demon! - (Actually, in the medical world this is a common phenomenon known as "sleep paralysis" where part of your brain is still sleeping).

    2) One brother bought a picture frame from a second hand shop. He put a photo in there and hung it on the wall. The next day the frame was on the floor with the picture no longer in the frame!

    3) One sister was difellowshipped and all the time she was disfellowshipped she heard demons talking to her. She called an elder who flatly refused to have anything to do with it. She once even claimed to have been raped by a demon - (The fact that this sister is a paranoid schizophrenic isn't mentioned though). She's reinstated now and still attends meetings. Brings all kinds of weird shit to the hall like old broken dolls and clocks that dont work.

    4) Lets not forget that one we've all heard all around the world about a woman that went on the ministry on her own, knocked on a rapist/murderers door and wasnt touched because the guy could see two big fellas next to her. Obviously angels. My favourite version of this was when an old man re-told it in my old congregation during the Watchtower discussion. He said "...he said he saw two big black men either side of her". Why he felt the need to mention their skin colour is beyond me.

    Even when i was in, i used to say to JW's that believed this shit "if i were a demon, with all that power and knowledge i wouldnt be using it to open and close doors, put backward messages in music or hide in a second hand shirt - i would MESS YOU UP."

    Needless to say, it didnt go down well.

  • quincemyles

    It seems likely that the topic would be more prominently discussed in Africa. I am from Africa and one thing i know for sure is that demons are not fallen angels. They are hallucinations and diseases whose aetiopathogenesis is not understood by those who believe in demons.

  • Sanchy

    Most of my parent's family were Santeros, a religion prominent in Cuba. Santeria is basically a mixture of African Voodoo and Catholicism.

    So of course my parents had many wild tales of their encounters with the demon world. Supposedly they would routinely receive visits from these creatures, most often presenting themselves at night while my parents slept (how convenient).

    Needless to say I spent most of my childhood terrified of the dark, awaiting the unwanted company of these spirit creatures that apparently have nothing better to do than to spend their nights pranking random people. Perhaps they just have an insatiable sense of humor?

    So a few months back, while explaining to my dad the reasons of my not believing in the JW faith anymore, he defended his own faith by reminding me that he witnessed first hand the reality of the evil spirit world. He mentioned that on one occasion he even woke up to realize he was levitating off his bed. I kid you not, he said this.

    Also, while I was meeting with the elders to explain my reasons for resigning as an elder, one of the brothers asked me if perhaps I had allowed an item into my house that might have been possessed and thus might have affected me. They just could not fathom the idea that I just had logical and valid reasons for not believing anymore. That just wasn't a possibility for them. So, instead, they attributed my doubts to a possibility that I might be possessed, and therefore not in my right mind.

  • freddo


    That's a bloody big word! I'm gonna have to try and use it more in conversation!

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    Yesterday morning, I was woken from my sleep because something was rocking my bed back and forth. This force also moved through the house and shook my son's bed and the chair my wife was sleeping in.

    Pretty scary stuff...for seismic forces from an earthquake! (Not something we used to have in my state previously, but thanks to the practices of the Oil and Gas industry, has been very common this decade).

  • mynameislame

    My theory is that it had to do with the influx of heavy drug users. Which would have been about that time.

  • Ucantnome

    Does anyone else remember such stories? The demons seem to have gone,

    I haven't been part of the congregation for over twenty years. However one of my relatives related an experience with demons in the house of someone we knew very well. This was things flying around the room and other problems. Fairly recently.

    A Witness who has spoken to me in recent years and expressed his doubts regarding the faith told me that when he spoke to an elder these experiences were mentioned as part of why he believes in God.

    So it doesn't seem to be gone to me.

    Also one of my customers not a witness told me of a very similar experience to one I heard of years ago in the congregation, the customer could not explain it and had the police in several times to investigate what was going on in the house. Nothing was found.

  • Muddy Waters
    Muddy Waters

    When I was a JW, had frequent night terrors and sleep paralysis stuff, which of course, I attributed to demons. It was terrifying to go to sleep at night. I would pray and pray for Jehovah to help me find the demonized object...

    .... good grief.

    Now, none of that shit happens to me any more. The mind is a powerful believer.....

  • Vidiot

    mynameislame - "My theory is that it had to do with the influx of heavy drug users. Which would have been about that time."



  • SAHS

    “Heaven”: Once I discovered the complete sham this religion is, my nightmares and the demons all disappeared.

    That’s really about it! I’m sure my superheroes, Carl Sagan and Steven Hawking, couldn’t agree more.

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