where have the demons gone?

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  • WTWizard

    I never had any of the Demons at all. And I don't have the means to check all three of the stars around the Belt of Orion for the planet Duat, especially living in an area where light pollution is so widespread I can barely see even the brightest stars in Orion. And, since joke-hova has had a chokehold on my soul since I can remember (even before becoming a jokehovian witless), I never had the ability to connect with the energy of the universe in any way, let alone communicating with the Demons.

    Now, if only the planet where joke-hova and its filthy angels live would crash right into a black hole and those things get bound...

  • scratchme1010

    Does anybody remember some of the sensational demon stories JW's would tell back in the day?

    I was a kid in the early 80's and I remember a few times hearing of people having real life encounters with demons. For example, one sister claimed that before she became a Jdub she would regularly talk to demons and they would even fix stuff like her washing machine!

    One of our elders was really against pink Floyd because he said he knew someone who would receive a phone call from a friendly demon every time he played a certain song of theirs. Also I heard many stories about JW's having supernatural trouble because they had brought some 2nd hand demon infested item into their home, at the time it made no sense to me why witnesses loved charity shops so much!

    Does anyone else remember such stories? The demons seem to have gone, maybe they got tired of having to fix broken washing machines.

    I never believed any of that nonsense. I grew up hearing those ridiculous stories, but I also noticed that there was something unsettling about the person telling them. Those stories never came from any person I'd feel comfortable having around.

  • Vidiot

    OrphanCrow - "...The JWs have never needed demons stories and such to come in from the 'outside'. They have had plenty of material concerning demons and such right from the Mother's mouth..."

    IMO, most of which was cribbed from "outside" sources (just like their creationism arguments). :smirk:

  • millie210
    My hypothesis? The numbers are down. These people are not coming in to the JW religion anymore. Kingdom Halls are filled with 2nd and 3rd generations of born-ins who don't know of anything else. Those who started the stories either left, died, or are too old and have stopped passing them on. No new people from the general public, no new ghost stories. No ghost stories, then no "demons," because to Witnesses all ghosts are "demons."

    Interesting and well thought out reply.

    In addition, OrphanCrow is correct when she says that this was being promoted from the leadership through print.

    Could it be like the stories of folks being kidnapped by aliens (which are also decreasing) that have severely dropped now that there are cell phones that could actually record the event?

  • OrphanCrow

    I realize that the history of the JW religion isn't something that most current JWs are concerned with...but how can we forget

    C. J. Woodworth: The Demon Possessed Editor of The Golden Age

    Notions of demon possession run deep in the JW cult.

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I met a jw from Nigeria a few years ago and he just went on and on about demonism. It seems likely that the topic would be more prominently discussed in Africa.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    where have the demons gone? - they now inhabit the interwebs.

    Have done since the year 1995.

    Anything 'dot com' or 'dot co dot uk' is demonic.

    Except Jaydubya-dot-org. That website clearly has God's backing, and is cleaner than a nun's knickers.

  • OrphanCrow
    LUNE: ...and is cleaner than a nun's knickers.

    Only if she doesn't have a bad habit...

  • sparky1

    Maybe most of the demons have gone apostate from their 'mother organization'. They probably became discouraged when the 'demon governing body' kept pressuring them to put more and more haunting and terrorizing time on their 'monthly service report'. Third and fourth generation demons are now waking up to the fact that their 'haunting' has done little good and they are now tired of the 'busy work' . Perhaps after having learned 'the truth about the demon truth' they just gave up and started living a normal demon life?

  • blondie

    They have voted themselves to the GB.

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