Don't Want To Be At The RC This Year...

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  • Phizzy

    The above mentioned methods sound good for coping if you simply have to go, right at the start of my waking up, I decided for Mrs Phizzy and me that we simply would not go. Mrs Phizzy was kind of relieved as she found R.C's (D.C's in those days) a real trial. Mainly because I used to fall asleep and snore and embarrass her.

    Nobody, not even my JW family, realised we were not there.

    It was a little awkward when things were mentioned by those who had attended, and we knew nothing about it, but even then they didn't realise we had given it a miss.

    I never went to one again.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Even though I wasn't awake at the time, I very much appreciated assignments like "attendant." You had a reason to get up at various times and you could milk that time into a longer time.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    I've heard that just about any lively conversation that goes on long enough will wind up having some sort of Nazi analogy. But does anyone else see the similarities between the Watchtower's increased emphasis on absolute loyalty and unquestioning obedience and the way the Nazis rose to power?

    It seems like some already think the baptismal questions are some sort of loyalty oath. The Society constantly promotes an "us versus them" attitude and looks forward to the death of everyone who isn't "us" as a good thing. I have no doubt that if they could get away with it, they would happily kill all "apostates" and anyone else who stood in their way or refused to join in. Think about it: JW's eagerly anticipate the death of 99.9% of the entire population of the earth.

    A world governed by the JW system and controlled by its endless and arbitrary rules and draconian punishments is no "Paradise." Daesh (ISIS) is a very good example of what life under the thumb of the Watchtower would be like. No thanks!

  • DesirousOfChange

    Nobody, not even my JW family, realised we were not there. ~Phizzy

    Much easier to skip the RC/DC than other smaller events and no one even realize you were not there. Esp if you have multiple RCs at the site. Tell them you went to some of it "last week" or "next week".

    If your wife is not "on board" with playing hooky, then that's another problem. Someday, you're going to have to "grow a pair" and tell her how you really feel.

    I don't know if I should ask, as it's kind of personal, but as an attendant, I'm assuming you're not an elder. Could it be that there is some correlation to the two issues? You don't have the chutzpah to even tell your wife how you feel about TTATT, and Cong BigShots have never promoted you to Elder or a convention assignment beyond being an attendant.


  • GrreatTeacher

    Why not try for "Security?" Then you can muscle any protesting apostates from the venue!

  • sowhatnow

    hmm, seems to me a sudden case of poison ivy is in your future, lol, well unless your highly allergic, let someone with a cold sneeze on you? go to walmart and lick some cart handles? [ yea right lol, ]

    twist an ankle? sunburn? puddle under the car, bad brake lines ?

    I knew a lot of people that would break up days, mornings afternoons, if it was close enough to drive that is.

    one convention, my son forgot his suits, so here we were on a saturday waiting for a mall to open,[ not until 10 am], so we could find something for him to wear, missed the whole morning session.

    forgetting something so you have to go back usually eliminates the whole day if not the whole weekend.

    now, there was one time when the expense was just too much, gas was at an all time high, and we had long stopped getting hotel rooms, simply too expensive for us. so we went to the meetings at a neighboring cong, instead of the assembly. but the bottom line is, if your the 'head of the household', you have the right to say what your going to do. if you do not want the children to go to the convention, don't take them. use scriptures to support your headship. god instituted the marriage, with the husband to protect and teach his family, and as her husband and a father you are protecting your family. from whatever misguided ideas, or possible crimes, or whatever. by over riding your headship,the watchtower is sinning against god. remind her, there are no scriptures that tell us there is a command to be at meetings or conventions. using a few sentences in some scriptures to support such an extreme view of meetings is wrong. Id have been thrilled if my husband would have explained that we did not need to go to an assembly. so would have my kids ,lol they would rather be stuck in the house all day. assemblies were too overwhelming for me after a while. I was tired of the negativity. the constant guilt tripping, the let downs the constant ignoring of my kids and family

    there was no joy ever for us being there.

    your wife must have a weak spot. some sort of conscience.

  • JW_Rogue
    Why not try for "Security?" Then you can muscle any protesting apostates from the venue!

    The brothers don't do security at our venue, we actually have a small group of real security guards on call (not JWs). I think this has to do with lawsuits from people who were "escorted" out of the venue by attendants.

  • Spiral

    We always made an excuse to go to another state.....and then just not go to the assembly. We would just go have fun.

    The thing I always noticed is that people wouldn't talk about specific content for very long after the assembly, a week or two at most. So if you just are on vacation or go AWOL for awhile the chat dies down and no one knows you didn't go.

    Checking on websites like this will give you just enough hint on what went on to have an answer if you really get cornered when you get back.

    Perhaps if you tempt your wife with a real vacation she might just take you up on it.

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