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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
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    Yes snugglebunny - sad but true.

    I was surprised (annoyed even?) when stan livedeath made his comment above - especially as he mentioned earlier in this same thread that his wife apparently works as a senior carer in a care home

    annoyed even ? ..... tough!

    what has my wifes job got to do with care home fees? where she works its £600 a week--for self funders. they also take council funded residents as well...but i dont know the fees charged to the council.

    BUT--bear in mind a lot of homes struggle to find self funders. my late father paid his own--i negotiated £1900 a month--he was there 3 years and got excellent care NOT a jar jireh place either

    so they rely on council funded clients to fill beds. self funders are the icing on the cake.

    by the way--for what its worth--my ex wife was also in the care profession--in fact the registered manager of a 20 bedded place. so i have a fair hearsay understanding of how care home economics work.

  • konceptual99

    Thanks Stan - interesting info. So from what you know is the constant pressure on social care budgets having no or limited impact on care homes themselves? I keep hearing information to the contrary and I know that it has become increasingly difficult for anyone with any kind of assets to get care without using savings and property to top up to the levels being charged by homes.

    Is this just the sector bleating and in fact owners of care homes are still raking in the profits?

  • darkspilver
    stan livedeath: what has my wifes job got to do

    sorry, I only mentioned it because you told us about yourself. In this thread. In a post that highlighted the fact by itself:


    stan livedeath: thank goodness the regulatory authority--CQC--has teeth !

    I see that the CQC said that Polars on the Isle of Wight "requires improvement".... and it is closing down now next month:

    Isle of Wight care home closure blamed on rising costs and falling fees

    Isle of Wight County Press, Thursday, June 15, 2017

    Government austerity cuts have led to the closure of a Newport care home, with the loss of 49 jobs.

    Somerset Care said it was closing Polars, at Staplers Road, because it had been running at a loss for some time, partly due to low care fees paid by the Isle of Wight Council, living wage increases and building maintenance costs - with no signs of improvement.

    The company was working with the council to find new homes for Polars' 29 residents before it closes on September 12.

    Polars lost £170,000 last year. It costs £745 a week to care for each resident, but Somerset Care said it only received an average of £557 from the council. The spokeswoman said: "Somerset Care is a not-for-profit company with no shareholders. Any surplus is reinvested in the business. Unfortunately we cannot sustain loss-making services without jeopardising the viability of the whole company."


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