Why are the evolutionist's so upset?

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  • John_Mann

    If there's no difference between humans and animals then yes nobody could be surprised with genocide.

    That's the logical conclusion from this premise.

    The theory of evolution really says humans and animals have no biological differences in some kind of superiority.

    But the theory doesn't says this premise extrapolates biology. Actually both Darwin and Wallace recognized the problem of consciousness in ToE. Wallace spent the rest of his life trying to find a paranormal explanation about consciousness. He is not remembered as Darwin because this.

    Of course the majority of humans know we are more than just biology. That's why this biological premise is not acceptable in law.

    But some people think humans are just biology. This view it's not from science but from scientism. This cultish view is very wide spread today.


  • Coded Logic
    Coded Logic

    Evolution explains the diverse speciation we observe on our planet.

    It says NOTHING about how we should form or interact in our societies.

    Please learn the difference.

    Thank you.

  • TD
    Why are you differentiating social evolution from organic evolution. Why is evolution not just evolution?

    The same reason I differentiate between astrology and astronomy. The same reason I differentiate between Spencer and Darwin.

    If you don't understand that difference, you have a lot to learn.

    You could start with the Wikipedia article on Social Darwinism. It's not much, but at least it would give you an idea of why the idea was not a valid science and why it fell into disrepute.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    many evolutionist's on this forum are upset at the terror attacks in Europe such as recently in Sweden - and rightly so.

    Many people who don't accept evolution are also upset at terror attacks.

    Have you got a problem with this?

  • cofty
    So many evolutionist's on this forum are upset at the terror attacks in Europe - EQV

    Millions of intelligent and educated christians who accept the fact of evolution are also upset about the terror attacks in Europe.

  • cofty
    But some people think humans are just biology. This view it's not from science but from scientism. This cultish view is very wide spread today - John_Mann

    There is no good reason to assume we are more than biology.

    Insulting those who accept this simple fact by calling them "cultish" is a pathetic attempt to excuse yourself from the burden of proof.

  • cofty

    "but have three souls and of course there is no evidence because it is metaphysical and to ask for evidence is scientism...."

    and so on and so on ad infinitum.

  • John_Mann
    There is no good reason to assume we are more than biology.

    Is assumed in law.

    There's a big difference in law between killing an animal or a human.

    Liking you or not we have a lot of reasons to assume we are more than biology.

    Not only religious reasons... That comes later, you know, after death... The real Judgement will take place.

  • John_Mann
    Insulting those who accept this simple fact by calling them "cultish" is a pathetic attempt to excuse yourself from the burden of proof.

    Well, actually I said the view is cultish. This is not an ad hominem fallacy and you know that. And the scientism view is not a fact.

    You always seem to confuse philosophical fact and scientific data (also called scientific fact) too.

    BTW, do you mind to define in your words what scientism is and why you personally is not a follower of scientism?

    I think you're a very clear example of a follower of scientism. But you always seem to deny that and I don't know why you do that.

    At least I clearly assume my position as a Catholic.

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    You are confusing Darwinian Evolution with Social Darwinism. Darwinian Evolution by natural selection is a theory that attempts to explain the origin of different species of organisms; it's scientific. Social Darwinism is not science, it is a rather poorly conceived political/ethical theory that those in power use to justify their exploitation of those who are weaker and poorer than them. Darwin himself never said that evolution favors the strong or the violent and he would be appalled that his name has been attached to such an idiotic philosphy.

    I am not interested in Darwinian Evolution, or Social Darwinism, only EVOLUTION. For some strange reason some evolutionist's on this forum want to keep making the separation. They keep bringing up God and creationism as something to be debunked to support their position. Leave God and creationism out of this.
    And stop separating the organic and the social/cultural. It's all evolution. Some here sound more like 'lukewarm' evolutionists. Not 'true blue, dyed in the wool' evolutionists. If you were political party members you certainly would not be of the inner circle. Only attending every second or third rally. Perhaps someone to be watched.

    Everything has an explanation and being as evolution has the answer to all behavior, animal or human, organic or social/cultural, then evolution has the answer. You just have to accept it. If you don't understand it yet, keep educating yourself.

    Because the theory of evolution was never meant to explain society. There is no 'social evolution'. Social Darwinists claim that evolution favors the strong over the weak, the smart over the stupid, the quick over the slow. Oh really? Is a mouse strong? Are clams smart? Is a sloth quick? Evolution favors anyone who lives long enough to pass their genes on to the next generation, using whatever means are at there disposal. Unless these Jihadi suicide bombers have kids and have left behind a fat life insurance policy that covers suicide bombers, then they are evolutionary failures! Blowing yourself up is not a sound survival strategy; it's right up there with celibacy in the list of evolutionarily maladaptive behavior.

    Stop calling it a theory please. It's a fact.

    A mother and father strap explosives onto the chests of their two small children. They direct them to walk to the local police station and then, when inside, explode the devices. They do it. "ALLAHU AKBAR!!!" God is great. Islam grows stronger. A worthy sacrifice for the cause. Mother and father are proud. They did not collaborate with their neighbors. They did it all on their own. Two children die but truly worth it for a great cause

    At another time: A mother and father encourage their two sons to go and fight in the Great War to 'end all wars'. A worthy cause. Both boys are killed and the parents receive a letter from the War Department telling them what heroes they were and how they contributed to the great cause. The parents put the letters on the fireplace mantle beside the boys pictures and proudly display them. When friends and family come over they direct them over to the mantle to show the letters. A house where patriots live. Visitors leave, talking about what a wonderful family this is. They should be so proud. Actually, deceitful politicians had manipulated the thinking of the masses and convinced the parents that they were sending their children to fight in a righteous war for a worthy cause. Young men, mere boys, uniformed up, trained in the use of a rifle and climbed out of the trench and got a bullet in the heart. Heroes. No IED [improvised explosive device ] strapped to the chests of these boys. Everyone of their bombs, bullets and artillery shells carefully engineered and manufactured under strict governmental control. Every detail of ballistics, speed of projectile and blast damage calibrated. Every ounce of high explosive powder carefully weighed. Thousands, millions of carefully engineered explosive shells brought to the battle ground to, hopefully, destroy as many of the enemy as possible, regardless of age or belief. News sent back home tells of great victories. Tens of thousands of children die, but truly worth it for a great cause.

    [ Today my country, Canada, celebrates such a victory, Vimy Ridge, a small insignificant battle during WW 1, but we will brag about it anyways. Somehow time has turned all these slaughtered boys into heroes. It sounds so much better and something the politicians can make hay with.]

    However, back to evolution. World War 1 for example. We may talk about the immediate cause but it says nothing for how this behavior developed in evolutionary time. We may come up with explanations about what brought on WW 1 but to understand why war exists we must look to evolution for an explanation. These two explanations are not competing with each other. They must support each other and both must be understood to properly comprehend the event. How does evolution dictate the everyday decisions of humankind?

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