Depression, Anger and Anxiety

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    When I was in the throes of deep dark clinical depression back in 2010 [30 months of hell] someone who was Buddhist spoke to me one day and told me to reflect on my life as with the Seasons.....and that I was at that moment in a Winter period of life ......After Winter comes Spring.....

    So your life is "moving" but the time frames can appear to be so painfully long -

    Of course seeking out professional assistance should not be discounted - I only came "right' when I combined the psychological therapies and interventions with going onto an SNRI medication [Venlafaxine] which I am still taking. Of course each one's therapy is not the same - so you must inform yourself to the fullest extent possible. Don't explore the internet over-much for therapies etc as it is filled with a lot of negative information and can mislead you too.

    Coming out of the cult was one of the most releasing events and the positives of having done that was attested to my the Psych. as well .

    With my whole family out now we are travelling in a glorious Spring of life [despite Cancer having visited my wife in this time too !]

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