Shunning and apostacy

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  • biblexaminer

    Hey folks. I have been looking for the latest on shunning of those who have drifted.

    I recall the 2016 convention had a part, and I believe there was a video. As well, there was a WT study last year that talked about they who say "it's not coming in my lifetime" as being pretty well apostate.

    Help one, help all. Thanks


    Whatever more liberal Dubs may say, and whatever the official PR might be, this is all you need to know...


  • smiddy

    Vincent Toole the JW legal representative when asked about shunning at the Australin Royal Commission stated" I have heard of it but I dont know what it means" or words to that effect.

    He lied under oath at the ARC

  • biblexaminer

    Thanks everyone so far. I was actually thinking of the Watchtower study we had late 2016 that talked about individuals in the Congo that say "the end will not come in my lifetime".

    Dont make me go and read all them damned rags.

  • oppostate


    Vincent the Tool said that about theocratic warfare not about shunning, I think.

  • biblexaminer

    Not quite getting there yet. I recall one of the WT study's had an article that mentions about those who express doubts and voice them by saying that the end will not come in their lifetime.

    I am looking over the articles now.

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Hey, look who's back!

    Hi y'all!!!

    The Spanish side of the JWs is soooo different. Parents I know most definitely do NOT shun their children, and we continue to associate and be very cordial to the people that fade.

    With the proliferation of the internet, it's so hard for his religious outfit to control the people fully. We may be in total agreement while at the kh, but we can now clearly see through the bull shit.

    The 'Awakened' class is growing inevitably inside the Org. Love it!!!


  • freddo

    I certainly heard it at an elders school about ten/fifteen years back. That is - if an elder doesn't believe the end is close then he doesn't qualify.

    There were no instructions as to hunting such ones down but it was read from the outline.

  • Skepsis

    Don't know in other areas, but here I know of a MS who was removed of all privileges because he and his wife decided to have their son at home after a divorce although he was disfellowshiped. That was all. After a year, he changed congregations and was invited to be a MS again. But he declined without giving a reason.

    But I also know of brothers shunning their sons and daughters for fading. So it may depend on the fanaticism of a particular JW.

  • biblexaminer

    Whole lotta' shunnin' goin' on

    sounds like a line in a song

    Its going to take some time and a bottle of Pepto to go over all last years rags to find that comment

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