The Joe McHale Show!

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  • watson

    Wait till the public gets a hold of the sign language masturbation clips. That oughta do it...

  • Wakanda

    Some good news:

    We used to enjoy watching the soup, so it came naturally to watch the new show.

    So, I watched with PIMI spouse, and he thought they got the video from broadcasting. He thought it was "cute". (OMG I know) Last night while he was pre-indoctrinating himself for the watchtower study, I glanced at his computer screen. I saw a google search with pillowgate trailer being third or forth, and under that jw.borg something (wanted to let him continue to browse, so I glanced away too fast to catch what that next search result was, but it looked like an exjw video). He noticed my glance and put his hands up a bit to cover it...

    Yes!!! Thanks Joel McHale!!! I hope we supply more comedy fodder that meets with your standards!!!

    I was so excited, but hid my glee from my husband. Maybe he'll tell me "Hey, that video was leaked!"

  • humbled

    F—g post the sign language vid! I’d pay good money to see it .

  • Wakanda

    The sign language vid is from 2012. Here is a post about it:

    Here is a copy/quote from the post (by John Cedars/Lloyd Evans):

    1st September 2012 - The viral deaf masturbation video

    deaf masturbation video

    September 2012 was the month when one poster's observation (rebel8) turned into a viral YouTube sensation! rebel8 noticed that there was an ASL version of some of the Society's anti-masturbation material in a video that they had uploaded to their new website. Once this news spread, it prompted one YouTuber to upload a copy of the video which ended up receiving over 860,000 views before being pulled off YouTube by another Watchtower DMCA takedown notice. However, this belated action by the Society arrived too late to prevent multiple mirror videos from being produced, many of which were edited to music. The video even featured on the Comedy Central show The Burn with Jeff Ross. The whole episode showed thousands of people how ludicrous and outlandish Witness beliefs really are.

    Gilbert Gonzolas of JWcrisis on youtube regularly uses it as a fake ASL interpretation of his video, which is funny I think. So check him out to see it in the corner. I do not know where else it is, but good luck hunting.


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