The Joe McHale Show!

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    I just watched the first episode of The Joe McHale Show and our old friend Gary made the cut! He makes his big debut as the last joke of episode one!

    “Pillow Talk” has made its was to Netflix! 😂 Go Satanic media!!! 😂😂😂

    DD 😂😈😂

  • humbled

    Thanks, DataDog

    Laughter is incredibly effective against demagoguery - l will check it out

  • Lett The Shunning Begin
    Lett The Shunning Begin

    Just watched it. Thanks for the heads-up DD

  • Lett The Shunning Begin
    Lett The Shunning Begin

    The pillow gate training video leak is awesome! The Org is getting more and more public exposure

  • darkspilver
  • Wakanda


  • sparrowdown

    Keep up the good work Jborg you could make it to SNL yet.

  • humbled

    That was monstrously funny!

    lf l hadn’t left already that would have made me leave

  • pale.emperor

    I've shown the Cedars teaser trailer to the pillowgate video to my girlfriend, friends and shared it on my Facebook.

    The feedback i got was that 99.99% of them thought it was a fake video. Non JWs thought it was a parody and active JWs called it FAKE NEWS!

    So even JWs admit that such a video is ridiculous, creepy and messed up... so much so that they dont believe it's genuine.

  • sparrowdown

    Hopefully comedians everywhere will discover that JWborgcasting is a comedy goldmine hehehe.

    Scandal may not hurt their image as much as ridicule.

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