Dose Wt really have that much cash.

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    I dont see "tithing" working at all, ~ jookbeard

    It won't be "tithing", it will be a "suggested donation", based on the number of publishers in each Cong, just as they do for each Circuit at every Circus Assembly. The "donation" is roughly $10.50 per Publisher, thus 2000 pubs at the Assembly and the announcement is "the cost of this Assembly is: $21,000". Everyone gasps and sighs, but then they say to each other that there is a huge cost in running that Assembly Hall and usually when the money is all collected and counted, they cover the fictitious "cost". If they don't, then the Circus just sends a pro-rated bill to each Cong, (again based on Pub count) asking (demanding) that they pay up to offset the "shortfall" in donations.

    Watch for the same arrangement to be applied to every Congregation. Springfield South Cong has 100 Pubs and the suggested donation from the Cong should be $3000 per month, which averages to $30 per Pub. Of course some may not always be able to donate that amount, but many others will no doubt want to donate more, as their circumstances allow it -- thus there may be an "equalizing" (2 Cor 8:14).

  • pepperheart

    It looks as i shall have to start trashing books and mags again because they will run out of money to replace them

  • tepidpoultry

    God's Kingdom Rules

    Chapter 18

    Para 7

    Quotes Russell as saying "they will never petition men for support"

    And paraphrasing 'when the Almighty stops providing they WILL SHUT DOWN'

    They've been quoting Russell's statements here for over 50 years since I was a child!

    I looked at Lett's 2015 webcast

    Thanks slimboy




  • tepidpoultry
  • scratchme1010

    My two cents (no pun intended):

    ...If that was the case then that $20 billion could all be used up in less than 80 years...

    That is only true if :

    (a) they will stop having revenue for 80 years

    (b) they will continue the printing business as it is now

    (c) they will continue being a religious nonprofit organization

    Right now things don't point in any of those three directions. They have a great established real estate business that they started with minimum investment since all the properties were given to them absolutely free (almost $0 investment for billions of dollars in real estate). That business isn't going away any time soon. That is, not to mention their current prime real estate that they currently have that in any event, they can sell and make more money.

    All the re-branding and changes they are making may look like an event of epic proportions to active, indoctrinated JWs, but what they are doing is nothing other than what every other single company in the publishing business is doing, that is, repurposing their resources, changing directions, and pursuing ventures that are more lucrative.

    Furthermore, non-profit organizations can own business. That's nothing new or unheard of.

  • tepidpoultry

    I'm trying to understand some things

    The book I referred to is God's Kingdom Rules

    A book currently being studied in the congregations?

    It shows Russell saying that if they ever have to appeal to men for money

    that would indicate that the God of the universe who easily can provide,

    isn't doing so, and that would mean that they should stop publishing,

    Now Lett's on my TV clearly soliciting funds,

    What am I missing here

    I just don't understand

    It's like everyone is under a spell,

    May you have the peace (the spell of) Landru (Star Trek reference)

    Well I might be an Evil Apostate

    At least I'm not trying to bilk the poor of their money

    Hey! I wonder if they know Jim and Tammie Bakker


  • slimboyfat

    Of course they are pathological liars for sure. In the announcement Herd claimed one reason they cut back on the Watchtower magazine is because the GB are worried that brothers have too much to read. Is there a single JW on the planet who really believes that explanation, including the liar saying it? There is almost a ritualistic element to the dissembling involved whenever the GB explain the reasons their decisions.

    We are stopping charges for the literature because of poor brothers in Africa.

    We are simplifying the food arrangement so all the brothers can pay attention to the programme.

    We are stopping the Book Study groups because gas prices are too high.

    We are reducing the magazines so you don't have too much to read.

    And so on...

    Invariably met with JWs asking one another: "does anyone know then real reason for the change they just announced?"

  • scratchme1010

    ...What am I missing here

    I just don't understand

    It's like everyone is under a spell,...

    Nobody is under a spell. That's what indoctrination and brainwashing is all about.

    Please understand that accepting that they are lying about this means accepting that they are lying about other things, which means accepting that they have been fooled, which means that accepting that many have made a great deal of important life decisions based on their lies, which is too much for them to accept and handle, hence, they rather choose to believe the nonsense or pretend to do so. (I know, I too hate run on sentences).

  • shepherdless

    My 2 cents worth:

    Firstly, I broadly agree with SBF. The most likely explanation for Watchtower's behavior is that they have significant cash-flow issues.

    Secondly, on other threads (which I can't currently locate) darkspilver has given good explanations of why even very cheap labor costs Watchtower a lot of money, and of why donations to Watchtower would be decreasing.

    Prior to 1990, Watchtower had huge income from selling its publications door to door; generating great wealth for Russell and Rutherford so that they could live in luxury with their respective mistresses, build and live in Beth Sarim, buy those Cadillacs, go on expensive boat cruises, etc. According to one source, Watchtower was generating around $2 million per week in the mid 1980's from these door to door sales. Now it doesn't have any of that income. It just has donations from an increasingly old and poor (due to a lack of academic qualifications) rank and file.

    Darkspilver highlighted costs of feeding, clothing and accommodating 30,000 bethelites. It costs more than a lot of people would think. These people were once essential to the main income earner; the publishing business. Now they are just a drain on the borg. Worse for the Borg, they seem to have a lot of retired senior Bethelites to support. Just for example, see the following discussion on Fishkill:

    There are apparently 250 retired bethelites there alone. The annual cost of medical care for this lot, alone, must be in the millions.

    Thirdly, Watchtower may well $20 billion in assets (probably more) when you count the value of all the Kingdom Halls. However, as most accountants could tell you, most businesses that go broke, do so because of a lack of liquidity, not a deficiency in assets. Sure, they can sell Kingdom Halls, but they can only sell a few at a time, and only in a way that limits the loss of membership.

    Another minor point to add. Printing less literature doesn't actually save much money if you have your own expensive printing presses already. In the early days, when printing involved a lot of manual labor, it made perfect business sense for Rutherford and others to take advantage of the deluded slave labor available. I have no doubt that if Rutherford was running the Borg today, he would throw out all the printing presses and bethelites relating to that, and outsource that part of the operation, or print nothing. I suspect that the operation and maintenance of expensive underutilized printing presses, these days, is just another drain on the Borg.

    Overall, I think things will only get more interesting. I suspect they are already burning through the money raised from the Brooklyn sales at a pretty quick rate.

  • Splash

    Selling capital assets to pay the operational expenses is not a sustainable business model.

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