Dose Wt really have that much cash.

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  • joe134cd

    I realize that Wt has got a wind fall of cash through various means. So my question is in the greater scheme of things is it really that much. For example let's say with all their real estate and cash on hand they are worth about $20 billion dollars. We know that last year it cost them just under a quater of a billion dollars just to pay their staff. Let's say the money they are also losing on their printing operations is around $200 million per year. If that was the case then that $20 billion could all be used up in less than 80 years. This dosnt allow for inflation, court rulings against them, loss of charity status etc so it would be fair to say that money will probably not even last that long. I must admit I have always been a bit sceptical of the claims of Wt been a cash cow. May be the reasons for their various ways of making money e.g cost of assemblies, stripping bank accounts, approved motels etc is for good reason. May be they are been forced to resort to such means. Thoughts please.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    They sold the goose that laid the golden egg when they sold the New York buildings.

    They might be flush with cash now because of the recent building sales but their yearly operating expenses could eat through that in a few years especially if the contributions are low and or their investments don't do well.

    All that would be left to do is sell off more properties and cut back staff.

  • Sanchy

    ^^^ What Pete said

  • jookbeard

    its clear there will be more wholesale cuts backs, their staff costs worldwide are very high indeed, but if they make more cut backs more sell offs of KH's,stopping printing,selling off assembly halls, etc they could face the possibility of fading away into complete oblivion, yet they claim to be the mouthpiece of god and who have to proclaim the kingdumb, this all costs an eye-watering fortune, its a wonderful conundrum they face, I dont really see what the long term future holds form them other than haemorrhaging more and more money, and the longer this system stays around in which it always will the more expensive it becomes for them LOL!

  • slimboyfat

    I think they are short of money. Stephen Lett said they are short of money. I believe him.

    Was it also him who said the revenue from the sale of a building only covers a couple of months operating cost?

    Plus the $200 million in the yearbook only covers travelling overseers, missionaries and special pioneers. Apparently is doesn't include the cost of bethelites. Unless they are considered under one of those categories?

  • joe134cd

    Yes very true slimboyfat about the $200 mill. The point I was trying to make was just how insignificant their worth is compared to what's going out. Everyone goes on about there various schemes and how corrupt they are. But may be they have to resort to this just to stay a float. To be fair to wt they could get a lot dirtier in how they extort money from it members compared to some other churches e.g Tele-evangelism.

  • tepidpoultry

    Well whatever you say,

    As long as I can have the continued "Thrill" of giving to JEHOVAH GOD.TM

    I'm a happy :) camper


    Well I suppose if these guys fold I can always give to the Vatican

  • GoneAwol

    I think they will need to start tithing. They'll probably dress it up as an 'adjustment' to the congregation pledging arrangement. After all, its just one more step up.

    What else can they do to raise more money? Nothing I can think of right now...

  • biblexaminer

    Wait till those who work at WARwhack start getting sick from the contaminants leeching up through the ground left from the nickel mine.

  • jookbeard

    I dont see "tithing" working at all, the apathy in the wealthy nations will only force more away, not that the middle class R&F have as much disposable cash as they like to think they have, the prospect of forcing tithing in the ultra poor third/fourth world countries is utterly preposterous, they could try and follow the Mormon model of tithing but they would really be scraping the barrel and opening themselves up to the ultimate in hypocrisy, they were so scathing over the years in condemning the so called churches of Christendom who appealed for cash in this way, so much for the old saying and prayer "if you ask I will provide!"

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