Bumped Into One Of My Best Friends On The Carts This Morning

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  • Freedom rocks
    Freedom rocks
    Its sickening all the people hurt by this cult and its unscriptural shunning. I don't know how a parent can shun their child just coz they have a different belief
  • pale.emperor

    Wait wait back up the truck, your wife has a partner and your daughter lives with you? Ok I must of missed a thread you started. If not do tell!!

    Alas, I dont post about my family or my old congregation anymore. The last time I did that someone complained that that's all I do. So I try to keep my posts about other things.

  • freddo

    Superbly handled P.E.

    I loved the bit about your family shunning you for 3 years.

    Him: "Well whose fault is that?"

    You: "Well, the Watchtower Society obviously!"

    Priceless. Well done!

  • Tallon

    Hi PE. Sorry to hear how this elder treated you when all you showed was genuine friendship.

    You kept the high road mate - well done.

  • LongHairGal


    Three years isn’t a very long time and the shock (to them) of your exit is still fresh in their minds.

    The scenario might have been different if a decade had passed by and if your exit was more “quiet”. The JWs hate when somebody makes a loud exit from the religion. They wish it was like the old days before the internet when an ex-JW just disappeared and nobody knew what the real reason was!

    Just be glad you and your immediate loved ones are out. I’m sorry about your other JW relatives though! That’s the sad price of being in the religion: lost family, lost friendships. I’m glad I had no family there but I did lose some conditional friends which is really No loss at all.

    As time goes on and you get more established in your new life, you will be less inclined to want to approach JWs in public. You will simply walk on by with a pleasant expression on your face as I learned to do. Remember: you are not teaching THEM any lesson. The best revenge is living well, so forget them!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Yes I have heard that for over 30 years from my JW family members, "you have destroyed the family, come back and all will be good ". You the reason why our nephews and nieces don't know one another, you the reason why our none JW family members think we are in a cult (lLOL)." " I would hate to be in your shoes when you stand before Jehovah to answer for those family members lying in the streets and birds eating their flesh". We must admit that is a sick organization..

  • 08out

    140 years of getting nothing correct, but it's the truth?

  • steve2

    You retained your composure and your dignity. You spoke simply without threatening or provoking him by your words.

    Whatever comes out of your exchange with your old “friend”, your actions are gold standard!

  • sparrowdown

    I was in a store the other day and a female pioneer I know walks in and right past me with her "shun glasses" on over to the sales people and gives them a tract and loudly starts being all warm and friendly to them as she tries to "witnesss" to them. Then when she's done being sweetness and light she pivots and walks back directly past me again and doesn't look at me or say a word.

    I just watched the whole thing play out with mild amusement.

    Needless to say I'm not D-effed or D-assed!

  • pepperheart

    Itook five of those magazines today from a cart and trashed them,if i can save just one person going through what you and others like you have gone through it will be worth it

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