Bumped Into One Of My Best Friends On The Carts This Morning

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  • pale.emperor

    So this morning I'm walking to my office and there's the JWs on their carts outside as usual. And old sister, a brother in his 20s and an elder I instantly recognized from my JW days. One of my best friends of about 20 years.

    I genuinely just wanted to say hi as I havent seen him in 3 years. Walked up, he saw me coming and his posture shifted. I said his name with a smile and stuck out my hand and asked how he was. He kept his hands by his side and said "I cant talk to you". I said "cummon, lets leave religion aside for a sec, I just want to say hi". He then said "come here a second..." and took me aside away from the cart.

    What followed surprised even me. He was always the elder I pointed to when I wanted people to know what elders should be like. He was always warm, approachable, friendly and kind - today he was the opposite.

    "There's only one way back isnt there? And you know it's the truth!"

    Nothing more infuriating for me to hear that last sentence. I replied "no it isnt. Anyway, how are you?"

    "You've destroyed your family and upset a lot of people - how do you feel about that?"

    Me: "No, my ex-wife and I and her partner are all good friends. My daughter is happy and healthy and lives with me."

    "No. I mean your real family. Your mum and brothers and sisters in the truth".

    Me: Real family? I haven't heard from them in three years.

    "And who's fault's that?"

    Me: Well, the Watchtower society obviously. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. You know I love you right? Do you guys still do door knocking?

    "Of course we do!"

    Me: I haven't had a knock in 3 years, and i've moved twice.

    "Come back to Jehovah and fix your life"

    Me: It is fixed. My life is actually perfect right now. I have real friends, real family and no reason to shun anybody.

    I stuck my hand out again, he refused it. I was raging inside but tried to stay calm.

    I ended it with "cummon I'm just being friendly. Who's being christlike here?"

    And with that I walked away.

    Such a shame what the cult has turned him into. It was like a whole other person. But you just know he's gonna put on his smiley cheerfull front to everyone else as soon as im gone.

    Watchtower really does train them to put on the "new personality" after all.

  • cofty
    And you know it's the truth

    That phrase 'the Truth' exerts a lot of control on JW minds.

    Well done on how you handled that.

  • Chook

    This church is the epitome of family destruction , friendship destruction, mental health destruction. Pale you have tasted freedom and your liberty will never be shackled. Shake the dust my friend.

  • IamWhatIam

    I had similar experience. One young brother just shift his position not to see me when i pass by. Who cares? i dont want to see u either. I just passed by and ignore you cults.

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Yep Cofty, they always console themselves by saying "he knows it's the truth". They nod and tut "he'll come to his senses one day". Aaaarrrggghhh!

  • smiddy3

    Obviously P.E. you were one of his best "conditional" friends and when you didn`t measure up to his conditions you were no longer his friend.

    Sad , but you are by far the better person by offering your hand in friendship without conditions attached.

    Take care

  • pale.emperor

    Oh, and i forgot to add, the Awake! magazine he was holding was called "12 Secrets Of Successful Families".

    Irony overload.

  • baldeagle

    Years upon years of brainwashing and indoctrination through constant repetition are extremely powerful. Also add in the influence of scrutiny from peers and a possible reporting on one another to individuals in the congregation and it makes it difficult to behave any different for JWs. They have been taught that this is loving discipline from God who is trying to bring you back to the fold.

    Don’t feel bad, mothers and fathers will cannibalize their own children for decades if necessary to prove their loyalty to a small group of imperfect men that tell them to do this. Incredible to believe that parents will throw all those years away in shunning and silence towards those they gave life to and brought into this world!

  • Biahi

    You are being "super-shunned". 😔 I blame your toxic mother. Sorry, we love you here!

  • stillin

    It's unbelievable how the "friends" can turn their love on and off!

    Circumstances have caused my wife and I to miss a lot of meetings in the last three months. This is fine with me, but my wife is POMI. Except...nobody has called or stopped by to visit with her. She can be difficult, but to just let her fade without even trying is rude, crude and totally unacceptable! And it's proving to be an eye opener for her, I think.

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