My story and what I'm trying to do with it

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  • Ft2188

    I am interested in doing a podcast interview but I'm also really nervous about it lol. Do you guys think it would be inappropriate or a misuse of trust if I started a blog first before heading straight into a book?

  • dubstepped

    Nothing is a misuse of trust so long as you are up front with people about your intentions. When people are giving you their life story though, at least in my view, you need to do what you say and preserve the sanctity of whatever they give you. I take it very seriously. If you want to start a blog, make sure thst anyone whose story you are using knows it and agrees to that. Do one post as a sample so that others have their expectations set. If you're going to add or edit in any way, let them see it first and approve it.

  • Ft2188

    Great advice! The only thing I can see myself editing is maybe the length of a story and possibly clarity but that is something I would make aware and check with the person first before sharing it.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I dunno if this is the stuff you really want. I will post the links to my posted story of my JW best friend and how I was treated in my fade from Watchtower, then the second link is the letter I never sent, but kinda wish I had, as I never heard from him again.

  • Ft2188

    I really liked the non-aggressive approach to him in your letter. you can always send it now :)

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