The destruction of "Babylon the Great"

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I read the talk outline #49 for this summer's regional convention entitled "Future events that will require courage-the destruction of Babylon the Great."

    The JDubs live in a comic book world. Babylon the Great is all false religious organizations and she is destroyed by those she seeks to control. The outline says that the political powers will do the attacking. What does that mean? Are democrats and republicans going to use bulldozers to tear down the churches and then use guns to kill those who try to stop this?

    I could see armies doing the attacking but not political powers. 25% of the world's populations are Muslims. I guess that the Shite Muslims would be willing to destroy Sunni mosques and the Sunni's would return the favor. So when the mosques are now destroyed does that destroy the religion?

    If all of the Catholic churches are destroyed will Catholics no longer be Catholics?

    The outline states "The destruction of false religion will apparently not mean the death of all her former members. The attack is "cut short' so that true religion is not destroyed." So it looks like the political powers will have to turn their guns on their own citizens to murder them beside destroying the religious buildings.

    In America, 49% of people don't go to church so I guess they get a pass during the destruction of Babylon the Great and they are the ones that get destroyed by the desert god at Armageddon.

    It looks like total chaos is just around the corner so don't buy any green bananas. But fear not, people can avoid the murder of 99.9% of humanity by becoming a JDub.

  • DesirousOfChange

    JWs have been beating this same drum and blowing this same horn for 100 years. It reaffirms the JW narcissistic doctrine of "We're good, but everyone else is bad and God is going to destroy them."

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  • mikeflood

    Yea, but there's something that always had puzzled me. In Revelation it says something about Kings and Merchaders wailing because Babylon the Great is destroyed, 'in just one hour'. So, why the WT has said that all the political forces, represented as the Beast, are gonna destroy Babylon the Great?.

  • sir82

    Like you, I've never really understood what "Babylon the Great will be destroyed" actually means.

    What does it mean to "destroy" a religion (or religions)?

    Does it mean that the buildings are razed?

    Does it mean that assets are seized?

    Does it mean that religious leaders are imprisoned or executed?

    Does it mean that religious adherents will be imprisoned or executed?

    Does it mean that even if some or all of the above is done, that there will be 0, 0, ZERO persons who will try to continue on with their form of worship (other than JWs)?

    Let's concentrate, as an example, on just the Catholics (less than 20% of the "world empire of false religion").

    Does it mean that out of the 400,000+ Catholic priests in the world, every last one of them will be dead, in prison, or will renounce their faith?

    None of them will go underground as they did, for example, in 16th century England?

    No sincere Catholics, anyone, anywhere, in the entire world, will try to continue to observe their faith?

    Will there be millions, or 10's of millions, of Catholic adherents imprisoned or executed?

    Who does all this killing? Or builds all these prisons or concentration camps?

    I'm getting tired of saying this: Virtually all of JW (unique) doctrine is exposed as infantile, untenable, or impossible after just even 60 seconds of concentrated thought.
  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The talk outline states that Babylon the Great could be attacked for her wealth. All that is required to do that is seize their bank accounts, not the murder of people and tearing down religious buildings. By stating that the Witchtower Society infers that they are poor so please keep sending us the children's ice cream money.

    The Watchtower Company has millions of dollars in cash, assets, and stocks. How many JDubs would say that the Company they worship is wealthy?

  • StephaneLaliberte

    "Babylon the Great" will be destroyed just like the JW have been destroyed in Russia.

  • berrygerry
    JWs have been beating this same drum and blowing this same horn for 100 years.

    Not exactly.

    Rutherford copied the teaching that the RC church was Babylon - from Hislop.

  • sir82

    The talk outline states that Babylon the Great could be attacked for her wealth.


    Define "attack".

    Seize assets?

    There's still 400,000 priests and several hundred million members. Obviously, a lot (most?) of those don't really care, but there are still 10's or even hundreds of millions of true-believing Catholics.

    Do they suddenly give up on a lifetime of devotion just because "the government" seized their church building?

    If not: In what sense is "Babylon the Great" then "destroyed", if hundreds of millions of people still believe it, still practice it, and still follow its rituals and sacraments?

    And again, there are billions of adherents of other religions - I'm just using Catholics as an example.

    It's such utter nonsense. Nearly as much as "there are 3 groups which comprise the anointed, but only 2 of those 3 groups comprise one generation".

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    The JDubs are eagerly looking forward to this summers conventions to hear the same things that were said in the early 1970's. After the conventions, they will all agree that this convention was the best one yet and shows how close the end is.

  • eyeuse2badub

    Of course the 'destruction' will be invisible! But---- those with 'eyes of insight' will see it! You can order your own special "Eyes of Insight" glasses on They only come in rose color!

    just saying!

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