The destruction of "Babylon the Great"

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  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Relax folks! The Bible is great for quotations because a lot of people used to hear it when read to them in Church back in the day but as far as prophecy goes, it’s complete rubbish!

    As for the label “Babylon the great”, admittedly I haven’t researched its origins but during the Victorian period it was a great slur used by Protestants against “Popery”, as if to affirm a superiority of post reformation Christianity. In Episcopalian and C of E circles, it is very passé not to say un-ecumenical to condemn Catholics by this term today.

    However in the early centuries of the Common Era it was well understood that the Christ cults took their doctrines from earlier religious themes and at the time under Roman rule there was not yet the partisan hatred of sects who held differing viewpoints. What mattered then was whether you were observed as an individual to be ”pious,” which meant that you respected and practiced devotions to the Gods. The attribution of piety presumably implied that you were a conscientious and reliable Roman citizen.

    It was likely that in the second century the apocalyptic visions of an individual in a state of mystical passion were written down and attributed to John who records a religious harlot having intercourse with the kings of the world. It represented the beginnings of a new sensitivity to doctrine and temple affairs being contaminated by political influence. Note by contrast how in Judaism the political and religious were recognised as two elements of the same thing and this ideal still obtains there today. The cults wanted independence and no interference from Rome. It was as if for the sake of religious purity, i.e. godliness, that the Jesus cults would want to plough their own furrows and not have Rome or anyone else butt in.

    Yet perhaps it was due to a foreboding of the inevitable Imperial Roman monopoly on religion which made the writer envision harlotry to describe what he thought was a flagrantly wrong relationship? Whatever the impulse, the writer represented a constituency which wanted a sense of doctrinal and religious sanctity, thinking that the invisible deity would rather have this kind of worship.

    Whatever the true origins of the expression of “Babylon the great” it represents religious anxieties of people eighteen hundred years ago which certainly have no meaning, prophetic or otherwise, for people today or relevance to real life in the present world.

    There is no such thing as false religion anymore than its opposite, true religion, they are both fictions of the Watchtower cult imagination. Neither is there a meaningful “Babylon the great” today , it cannot be destroyed since it doesn't exist.

    To keep them alive in religious discourse is just more stale sabre rattling for the purpose of mind control by the out dated, irrelevant governing body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. They have been flogging this dead horse for more than a century!

  • NewYork44M

    I thought that the fall of Babylon the Great was in the past tense. Wasn't that the title of the book "Babylon The Great Has Fallen."

  • steve2

    What is purple and holds sway over the religious masses?

    Babylon the Grape.

  • slimboyfat

    If you think JWs are big on Catholics as Babylon the Great, you want to hear how some Seventh Day Adventists talk.

  • smiddy3

    I thought that the fall of Babylon the Great was in the past tense. Wasn't that the title of the book "Babylon The Great Has Fallen."

    "Babylon The Great Has Fallen Gods Kingdom Rules"

    True NY44M ,This book by the WT went into great detail how Babylon The Great had fallen and that God`s Kingdom rules and showing the decline in religious belief (according to them ) and how true worship ( JW`s ) was to reign supreme.

    According to the book BTG GKR it was to include ALL religions of the earth with Christendom being the main offender and especially the R.C.Church for portraying the Pope as the Vicar Of Christ on Earth.

    I see if not a decline then at least a stagnation of belief in the Jehovah`s Witness religion today and an upsurge in non Christian religions around the world .

    I guess this is another publication of the JW`s that is destined for the scrap heap if it hasn`t already done so.

  • slimboyfat

    "Fall" and "destruction" are two separate events. Babylon the Great "fell" shortly after 1914 when it was exposed as not supporting God's Kingdom. Since then the "sea" of support for false religion has "dried up". And it will be "destroyed" in the future when the United Nations turns on the world empire of false religion and bans them. Does no one pay attention to the teaching these days?

  • sir82

    And it will be "destroyed" in the future when the United Nations turns on the world empire of false religion and bans them.

    See, that's my point from my earlier posts.

    What, precisely, does "turns on...false religion" mean?

    "Banning" JWs in Germany, USSR, etc. certainly did not "destroy" them - there or elsewhere.

    How does "banning" all religion, with billions of believers, "destroy" it?

  • Vanderhoven7

    Attack comes first; destruction afterwards. WT (Babylon) is being attacked in Germany and Russia...all nations soon to follow.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    What the Watchtower fears most is the loss of its money.

    It expresses its fears in masked Freudian proclamations at the summer conventions. (A recent example is the plea to stay loyal since so many are waking up and deserting.) They fear most of all to be exposed as a non-religion and have their rights to preach and make money withdrawn. So they use Biblical imagery to echo their worries.

    If they were "spiritual" this would not matter because the message would be held to be more important than the organisation but they are not, they are a business first, and they fear government authority which might tax them and make their religious racket non-viable.

    Let's hope the governments do step in, tax uncharitable charities and stop the abusive religions.

  • steve2

    Under the influence of their organization’s more whipped-up utterances declaring the current decline of religion, JWs have long pointed to dwndling mainstream church attendances - utterly ignoring the phenomenal rise and rise of Pentecostal churches, including multi-million-dollar “mega” churches whose seating capacity is in the thousands. Dwindling indeed.

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