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  • ctrwtf

    So I'm pretty sure my fade is complete. Haven't stepped foot inside a KH in 9 years. But the concept of fading still makes me wonder. I know the idea is that one slowly fades away and does nothing that would put them in jeopardy of committing a "sin" worthy of a JC.

    But the reality is, that as one fades, the odds of committing a sin worthy of a JC increase only because one begins a "normal" life not influenced by a cult. So for you faders out there I'm wondering what sins you've committed that are worthy of a JC if you were still in.

    I'll fess up, I've:

    Celebrated Christmas complete with a tree and gifts.

    Voted in national and local elections.

    I have gotten a tattoo of a Celtic Cross on my bicep. (This was my personal way of DA'ing without actually sending a letter)

    Sometimes I drink to excess.

    I've seen many, many R rated films.

    I use the F word pretty regularly.

    I visit and post on apostate websites.

    I've enjoyed weed a time or two.

    I've donated to the Cathedral of St Cristobal in San Juan, PR and was given a St. Christopher medal that I wear everyday.

    So if ever I'm invited to a JC, I've got a lot of ground to cover.

    Any of you other fellow postate faders care to confess?

  • Divergent

    What "sins" have I committed? All of the above, with the exception of getting a tattoo, excessive drinking, and donating to religious organizations. Also the addition of the following:

    — Fornication. Humans are sexual beings and sex is a basic human need which should not be repressed, as long as it does not result in the hurt of others

    — "Worldly" association. Lots of it!

    — Association with disfellowshipped ones / "apostates". There is a growing number of such individuals who I know personally and keep in touch with


    Haven't stepped foot inside a KH in 9 years. But the concept of fading still makes me wonder. I know the idea is that one slowly fades away and does nothing that would put them in jeopardy of committing a "sin" worthy of a JC.

    Out 9 years and your still worried?

    The WBT$ is living Rent Free inside your head.

  • pbrow

    Since I have formally and informally left this church I have not sinned once.

    Now that I think of it... even when I was in I never sinned.


  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    sin is a state of mind. the things i enjoy most are either immoral, illegal or fattenning. or all 3.

  • Phizzy

    I have done all the things you mention in the O.P.

    Plus I regularly donate blood, I would dearly love them to form a J.C for my doing that !

    I would take it straight to every major Media outlet !

    I don't give a poop about them anymore,it did cross my mind earlier today, as I smoked a cigar at a crowded sea front location that they could well "do" me for that occasional pleasure, but who cares ?

    Silly cult.......... I said cult.

  • jp1692

    All of the above plus I enjoy the occasional cigar, somtimes shoot firearms recreationally, have assisted at least three people in leaving the cult and have presented at an international conference about the challenges ex-cult members face after leaving.

    Nevertheless, I am still TECHNICALLY a member in good standing, not that I know for sure or care.

  • New normal
    New normal

    Hmmm... after several years out :

    bought a christmas tree for the first time last year . Had nobody to enjoy it with ... but found it strangely calming !

    Erected a Flag pole and fly an American Flag ... just cuz I can !

    Watch whatever the Hell I want with reckless abandon !

    Allow my eyes to occasionally leer with lustful intent at the female form .

    Desire to wear tight pants ... but honestly they would look ridiculous on me .

    Expanded my vocabulary to Drop an F bomb once in a while .

    And miss having friends and family ... Every day !

  • What Now?
    What Now?

    All of the above - with the exception of excessive drinking (i prefer being mildly buzzed than being drunk), and any sort of involvement with another church.

    To be honest, I'd like to be disfellowshipped. Like, get my name out of your records, I don't want to be associated with you!

  • OnTheWayOut

    Sins are an invention of religion to make people feel guilty and feel a need to seek forgiveness, which comes with a donation of some kind to the religion.

    But you ask if we have broken JW rules that would bring us a judicial committee and if we are more likely down the road to be in that room with 3 elders because of time passing.

    We have all done plenty to summon that committee. Time away from the Kingdom Hall increases the odds that they will not bother with us, regardless of how many of their rules we break.

    It is much more likely that someone in the Kingdom Hall is noticed for breaking the rules or feels a need to confess and seek forgiveness.

    Sure if one walks away, they are likely to start breaking the rules. But a fader is not in-their-faces about it. Besides, one can always end the fade anytime they like and face the committee.

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