They are all dead!

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  • FedUpJW

    I'd say that there are likely scarcely any individuals who were old enough to comprehend the significance of events unfolding in 1914 who are still alive, including JWs.

    Ah, but lest we forget the Great Oracle FWF was alive then and did not die until 1992 (?). By that chart that Splane 'splaned" things with if one were to consider 14 years of age the age of comprehension someone born in as a JDubya in 1978 could possibly be part of the "over-lapper" class. And they could be "anointed" by H.S. (Holy Suggestion) of the current anointed ruling body, like the new kid on the block. If that happened they could be as young as mid to late thirties or early forties. That buys "this generation" another possible fifty years or more. Of course by then WE will all be dead, and no one else will be around to contradict whatever drivel THAT bunch of over-lapping over-lapping over-lappers will trot out as their definition of "soon".

  • steve2

    Yes, FedUpJW: Through the eyes of adjusted thinking, a generation becomes ever-so elastic.

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    Dear FedUpJW,

    I love your name for JW's calling them the Over-Lappers. When they knock on your door instead of asking them if they are one on those Jehovahs ask them if they are one of those Over-Lappers. When they are approached at their carts ask them if they one of those Over-Lappers?

    When 1975 ended and I had to face my workmates in 1976, whom I told would not be around, I thought well at least the generation that saw 1914 is still getting older being in their 70's. It can't be that much longer.

    The nulite for how long a generation really was did it for me. Today's Over-Lappers will be dead before the time runs out for the generation.

    Sour Grapes


    Not only are all the Dubs long gone, so are ALL the Adventists/Xians in every generation since the fall of Jerusalem.



  • flipper

    " Ever single man , woman and child who ever lived before us, has died "

    Bingo, exactly thank you Data Dog.

    I find this to be true in everybody I research in my ancestors on as well ! lol

    Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • EverApostate
    104 years ! And not one Sign that Jesus has done anything but sit. He has sat through all the terrible wars, genocide, crimes etc etc of the 20th and early 21st Centuries, and done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING !

    Cool Jesus

  • Finkelstein

    My impression to this Jesus has returned and this generation time of the end doctrines was that the organization's leaders were in acceptance that these devised calculated dates were partially believable unto themselves and partial advantageous to what could be be sold to the public via printed out publications.

    When it was realized that these doctrines were creating a subservient following and that they were the head of the pack so to speak, they thought well why mess with a good thing.

    Whether people see the WTS as a organization of free unrestricted charlatanism or not that's what this organization is and was started by freewheeling power seeking opportunists..

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