They are all dead!

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  • OrphanCrow
    cofty: Fourteen years old in 1914 was the generally accepted limit. That would make them 118 now.

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  • cha ching
    cha ching

    One time I sat down and counted all the generations that were listed in either Matthew Mark Luke or John can't remember now, took all the years and divided them by that number. It came out pretty close to 40.

    Jerusalem was destroyed in less than 40 years. That generation and many other Generations in the Bible were about 40 years.


  • flipper

    Th WT cult's definition of what they consider a legitimate " generation " is false, untrue. It is not a lifetime of 70 to 100 years. That's a lie. An unreality. So that negates and discredits any predictions they make whatsoever even about what they consider a generation to be.

    Websters New World College Dictionary definition of the word generation :

    A single stage or degree in the succession of natural descent / father and son are two generations . The average period ( about 30 years ) between the birth of one generation and that of the next .

    So all the debating and wrangling over how legitimate the WT Society's views on what they consider a " generation " to be - are a waste of time as the WT Society is lying about what constitutes a REAL generation. Whether they're talking about one generation - or - overlapping generations - they are STILL in the wrong. A real, legitimate generation is only 30 years long. So that makes ALL of the WT Society's end time predictions wrong, a joke, and dishonest

  • scratchme1010
    You will not hear the Watchtower drones say that every man, women, and child who were alive when Jesus became king are now dead. They are all dead.

    ...including the ones who said it.

    Reminds me of a bunch of people who in the 90s became "AIDS Denialists" and refused to treat their HIV infection claiming that HIV doesn't exist. They all died of AIDS.

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, there may be a few stragglers left on the earth who maybe were born in 1914 or were in infancy. So what? They would be barely alive now.

    I think you’re stretching it and this scripture could not possibly apply anymore.

  • Finkelstein

    There is still one JWS who is 104 years old so when he passes expect Armageddon to start.

    .................. he he he he

  • Finkelstein

    The Doctrinal year of 1914 was taken out and firstly created via C T Rusell's nutty Pyramidology teachings.

    The theological proposition of Jesus Christ taking his throne in that year was to create the following supporting doctrines of the END TIMES and THIS GENERATION.

    People who became IBSA members or JWS were deemed the faithful great crowd of the supposed this generation.

    These doctrines were false from the beginning but the WTS leaders thought they were too advantageous to proliferate literature and create a devoted following.

    Unfortunately they were right on both counts.

  • Ding

    Thanks, Fall Guy.

    It's stunning to see all those statements collected in one place.

    Meanwhile, now the GB has extended it all 100 years or so with the overlapping generations nonsense.

  • steve2

    The phrasing used by the organization was very specific:

    Citing Jesus's words in Matthew about 'this generation not passing away until all these things occur...", the organization taught that some of those old enough to comprehend the significance of world events in 1914 would still be alive when this system is destroyed by Jehovah.

    Then for decades speculation centred around how old a child needs to be to comprehend world events and I recall the phrase, "age of understanding" being used in publications and on the platform.

    I'd say that there are likely scarcely any individuals who were old enough to comprehend the significance of events unfolding in 1914 who are still alive, including JWs (aka Bible Students).

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    To illustrate how brainwashed, brain-dead, blind, and nonthinking JW's can be...I have a JW relative who bought the overlapping generation hook line and sinker. His mother, who is 90 years old is still active. On his Facebook page, he posted a picture that showed his mother, himself, his JW son, and his 7-year-old son standing on a sidewalk with their bookbags going in "service." He had the caption for the picture: "Four generations faithfully serving Jehovah."

    I don't think that the Gibbering Booty would approve of this thought process.

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