What is the strangest book or craziest book the JWs have ever printed?

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  • Ding

    The Finished Mystery.

    I wish every JW would read it.

  • scary21

    I think it was "your will be done" unreadable crazy....to me that's the worse kind...

  • Truth and Justice
    Truth and Justice

    The most despicable and disgusting book was the book called in short “The youth book”, where there was some chapters dealing with how a baby is born and if I’m not mistaken, how you have sex. Really! In this day and age, do we need to know? More gratification for the society, it has nothing to do with Christ and his teachings, how would that “incite to love and fine works.”

  • charonsdog

    "Is There A God? Who Cares?" Okay, the first question mark I added. But that's always how I thought of that booklet.

    As far as the "Family Happiness" book and other books/publications/articles about family life go, I always felt that the WBTS was very misogynistic. And I was a young boy at the time. LMAO @ "The whiners and the naggers" in FH. Women wearing headcoverings. Deferring to a 12-year-old boy because he got dunked. The "privilege" they have of doing a sit-down demo with another sister on the TMS. I guess they didn't need to learn to read aloud in public.

    I always questioned the inner workings of the mind of the 'Apostle" Paul. Narcissistic, misogynistic, angry, insecure, and anything but Christ-like. I firmly believe that Jesus would have told him to calm the fuck down.

    To be honest, the entire frikkin' Bible is the craziest book they've published. To be sure, it wasn't their creation, at least not the majority of it. But it's supposedly the basis for all of their other publications. Twisted scriptures, cherry-picked verses taken completely out of context to support their teachings, and the exalting of assholes like King David and the former Saul of Tarsus...makes for a shitty belief system.

  • purrpurr

    Ah yes the infamous youth book, I remember studying that awful chapter about sex in the book study, it actually went into a step by step account of how sex happens in awful detail. Then the paragraph question was asked and no one I repeat no one put their hand up to answer at all!

    Strangely enough I don't recall the step by step account mentioning anything about clitoral stimulation? Or about womens pleasure or orgasm? It was all from the point of view of men

  • steve2

    I cannot remember the nameof the article but I remember my mother reading me an Awake! article about how sexual intercourse happens ( it used the analogy of a harbour and a ship).

    The article was so compelling that I proceeded to go to class the next day and pronounce to my male peers that babies are born through the mother’s belly button - much to their uncontainable derision. When I went home and told my mother about the exchange, she sat me down and put me straight. I think I was 10.

  • punkofnice

    I like to go for more recent stuff that I can remember. the Revelation. Climax in you hand book was just flamin' bonkers.

  • pale.emperor

    Did anyone ever read Angels & Women (formally known as Seola by JG Smith)? It was published in 1924 and was basically a prequel to the flood of Noah's day told in story form by someone living in that time. Apparently an angel dictated the entire book to Mrs JG Smith and she wrote and published Seola. CT Russell encouraged his followers to buy it and read it.

    The Golden Age magazine July 30, 1924, p. 702:

    “ANGELS AND WOMEN” is the title of a book just off the press. It is a reproduction and revision of the novel, “Seola” which was written in 1878, and which deals with conditions prior to the flood. Pastor Russell read this book with keen interest, and requested some of his friends to read it because of its striking harmony with the Scriptural account of the sons of God described in the sixth chapter of Genesis. Those sons of God became evil, and debauched the human family prior to, and up to, the time of the great deluge. We call attention to this book because we believe it will be of interest to Bible Students, who are familiar with the machinations of the devil and the demons and the influence exercised by them prior to the flood and also now in this evil day. The book throws light on the subject and is believed, will aid those who carefully consider it to avoid the baneful effects of spiritism, now so prevalent in the world. The book is revised and published by a personal friend of Pastor Russell, and one who was close to him in his work. It is published by the A. B. Abac Company, New York city.
  • tiki

    I think the tweed suits, whiskey and manure piles takes the cake....thanks for that good laugh!!!!

  • blondie

    The Way to Paradise, 1924, Van Amburgh

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