What is the strangest book or craziest book the JWs have ever printed?

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  • mentalclarity

    I don't have too much knowledge of the older stuff (thank gawd)

    But my personal favorites: Revelation/ Daniel book/Isaiah Prophesy , I can' even remember that well but honestly they were all like reading Nostradamus prophesies. Just when you were so happy to finally finish , they brought out another one....And we had to study them verse by verse....it was just flipping back and forth from modern/ancient time application and literal/symbolic completely arbitrarily all fitting JW history. WTF?

  • sparky1
    The title of the book THINGS IN WHICH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR GOD TO LIE actually make the implication that there are things that God can lie about.
  • jesscd

    Original My Book of Bible Stories - some parts of the book were terrifying as a small child.

  • purrpurr

    Oh yes! My book of bible stories! That awful traumatic picture of Jesus on the stake, I hated that scary picture as a kid

  • Acluetofindtheuser
    Apparently an angel dictated the entire book to Mrs JG Smith and she wrote and published Seola. CT Russell encouraged his followers to buy it and read it.

    I just want to point out that the claimed angelic dictation came from the Bible Student leadership in the foreword of "Angels and Women" only. The original author who wrote "Seola" said in her appendix section that it was only a fantasy. Also, the original author was a biblical scholar. Prior to the "Seola" publication in 1878 the author produced a 406 page book titled, "From Dawn to Sunrise - A Review, Historical and Philosophical of the Religious Ideas of Mankind". This book was published in 1876.

    If the book was really inspired by an angel then why did they need to revise the original one? I thought it was a sin to tamper with the inspired record.

  • Gorbatchov

    The Happyness book.

    They published it in the dark early eighties. Made no one happy.

    Remembering the elders made a huge copy of the book; an enourmous golden book stand on the platform. That made some impression, G. was 10 years old.

    Makes me sad thinking about all these books. Once studied they lost their value.

    Instant knowledge to keep the rank and file busy.


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