Going "Hollywood" not helping!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Hardly "Hollywood" more like North Korean movie magic. The cartoons have such aweful dialog. It's like some cult blew cash on a crappy cartoon to brainwash kiddies. Yes Jehovah hates your demon toys throw them away.

  • Magnum

    BluesBrother: "They are loyal to what they once knew; sadly it no longer exists."

    I've been thinking that for at least the last five or six years about all the old-time JWs I know. They live in the past. They're still mentally in the Franz/Rutherford/Russell eras, and I think it hasn't really sunk in to them yet the degree to which the old JWdom is gone. They remember the old days when JWs were bold and knowledgeable and could put up a good defense of their theology. They remember the excitement of the times when JWs really thought the end was imminent. They remember the exciting district conventions. They remember yearbook accounts of "colporteurs" who rode around on bikes and boldly preached. They remember the older, bigger, deeper publications, and I believe that a lot of the old-timers don't even realize that those publications are no longer really approved in JWdom. They still do research in them.

    It was a truly different time. "What they once knew" really does 'no longer exist'. The old seemingly strong, bold, confident, and scholarly JWdom is gone. It has been replaced with a shallow, shiny, glittery, plastic, scared, cowardly loser religion, the real motives and concerns of which (money and self-preservation) become ever more apparent.

    I feel sorry for those old-time stronger, higher caliber JWs who linger around now in a daze trying to figure out what's going on.

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