Do you like cops?

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  • JH

    I know many people who don't like cops and even give them all kinds of names. Some may be nice, but many think they are superior to the ordinary citizen. I see so many doing radar on bottom of hills where automatically you will go over the speed limit. Whenever I see one following me, I hate that, although I have nothing to hide.

    So, do you like cops?

  • happyout

    My dealings with them have always been ok, but I also am irritated at the "speed traps". I always wonder isn't there some crime that needs solving while the officers are there waiting for someone to speed past them. Overall, I guess I have been lucky, the officers I dealt with personally were always polite and outright nice (even when writing my lead foot a speeding ticket).


  • DFWnonJW

    I have a long time friend that is in the Dallas police dept. and another friend that is currently in the Ft Worth police academy - She graduates this month. In general I'd say I have no problems with cops. I'm certainly not one of those people that talk trash about 'em. Never know - just might need their help one day.

  • IronGland

    I like them when they're pushin up the daisey's

  • wednesday

    the police are generally your friends. I had an encounter once with a group of officers at my home. It was dark and i went to get in my car, and suddenly at my side was an officer. he asked me to get out. So i did. I followed him and apparently there was a group of them, too dark to see how many. But i heard several different voices. They were concerend about a car parked on the street. they asked if i knew who it belonged to. i gave my best answer, then told them i did not appreciate the way they did this. They had scared me to death. I heard one "look lady...:"

  • nilfun

    They are subject to the same prejudices as the rest of us.

    I don't like how a copper can get away with sticking a gun in your ear just because he doesn't like the looks of you.

  • SheilaM

    No problem here, course we are so law abiding it sucks. My daughter;s fiancee is going to be a policeman and Mel is thinking about it. I would love to if I could run and if I could stand the sight of guns

  • JH

    Police earn a very good salary, and what gets me is that when they go to Mcdonalds they get a free coffee when they go through with their car. Have you noticed that they don't pay at certain restaurants?

  • myself
    Police earn a very good salary

    Not always, I guess it depends on the location they work. I know some that have to work second jobs to supplement their income. For the risk that they take I think they should be paid more.

    Do you like cops?

    Depends on the cops, I know some that I like, and I know some that I wouldn't trust any farther then I could throw them.

  • drwtsn32

    I've never had a bad experience with a cop. Speed traps are annoying and it may seem like there are more important things a cop should be doing, but speeding and reckless driving can kill. That makes it pretty important.

    Now excuse me while I go upgrade the pulley on the supercharger in my car.

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