1969 Awake on Education - A Sore Spot for Me

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  • Phoebe
    I was a victim of that magazine, too. I left school in 69 and wanted to go to college but was talked out of it to regular pioneer instead. So I had a series of poorly paid jobs, never achieved anything and am now mid 60s and suffering with anxiety and stress because we’re struggling to pay the bills. But, I made absolutely sure my own children got educated and went to university for which I was well and truly shunned in my congregation, but I didn’t care. It was important to me my kids got the education I was denied. That damn magazine article, it helped ruin so many of us!
  • Biahi

    I remember that article, and I was only 10 years old. I felt so trapped, even then. I was screwed for a few years til I wised up and got a good job and pension that didn't require college. I'm still working, another few years to retirement! I still regret not having a chance to go to college. Those evil men in Warwick have a lot to answer for. If there is a class action lawsuit against the org for this, and the mental and emotional abuse, I want in!

  • NewYork44M

    But I thought you received a college education by reading the Awakes.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    You DO recieive a college education from reading Awakes!

    It is called a Bachelor of Stupidity, and is awarded by the University of Lower Crackpot in Northern Tasmania.

    Seriously, I can only agree with everybody else here’s negative remarks about that certain Awake article in May of 1969. Being 14 when that was printed, I, too was affected by it. Last year, when I confronted some JWs at a literature cart about this, I was assured that “you are not old”. (That, when in 1969, the average life expectancy of a man was only 68!).

  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    I was a victim of the article. Elders talked me out of going to 2 year school in the medical field.

  • Virgochik

    Here is a tale of two classmates, graduating high school in 1977. One girl followed her interests and went to law school.

    Girl #2, me, was told she could not go to law school, even though my worldly grandfather offered to pay for my college and I really, really wanted to go.

    So now, in 2018, girl #1 got her juris doctor years ago and is nearing retirement from her law practice. She's got a nice life and a nice family, law abiding daughters in college now. What in the world is wrong with that?

    I was lucky to have a good career making a similar amount of salary as girl #1, my classmate. The difference is, she got to fulfill her dreams, doing what she loved, while I just had a career that paid the bills but didn't intrigue me or use the brain God gave me to help others. Why? Because of that vile magazine and the vicious spiteful men who sold it to our parents as what was best for us. No apologies have been made by the magazine writers, or by my parents, who won't even talk about it.

    Robbing a child of their interests, a chance use their talents, and snuffing out that sparkle in their eyes is a terrible thing. Who knows what we could've done, or what we could've been if encouraged and supported like normal parents do?

    No, I'm turning sixty next month, and I am far from over this.

  • zeb

    The bagging of education was one of the main things that moved me off the wt. Education is vital for a whole range of reasons.

    Despots down the years have also bagged education as a key tool in controlling the masses.

    So that Awake! is not on the cd record eh? well surprise surprise..

    The earlier cd records they wanted everyone to dump had a number of things they didnt want revealed or raised. Bastards!

    To those who ignored this poisonous advice and went for a college education or trade my hearty congrats to you. Make sure the wages you earn are NEVER directed in the tiniest amount to the wt.

  • pepperheart

    The cut backs have been going on for the last six years and they have been reduced to selling off 3,000 propertys around the world and i think that it will be only the first batch of kingdom halls that will be sold off

  • JeffT

    I wasn't a Witness when that article was published. I did, however, graduate from high school about two weeks after it was published. Sadly, I fell for the propaganda a few years later and joined the cult. I had the good sense to get out of the cult in 1989 and went on to have a life. I feel sorry for those that traded away their lives for the false promises of the Watchtower.

  • LongHairGal

    JEFF T:

    There was once a poster who claimed sarcastically (and maybe they were right) that some ex-JWs blame the religion and make it sound like they would have been a brain surgeon if it were not for JWs.

    I am realistic about this. I came into the religion as a young working adult. I definitely was not the most ambitious person in the world and I cannot blame the religion for my lack of ambition..But, I did alright considering - and am retired now.

    The point is: if I had listened to the JW religion I would be BELOW par and worse off. That’s the problem with them and their anti-college and career stand and how it damages people.

    Maybe because I was not raised a JW and had experience in the world that I did not fall for their foolish talk. I thank God I did not.

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