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  • Xanthippe

    So in my lunch break at work today I walked in the park, just chilling out when a woman approached and offered me a leaflet. Didn't have to read it I knew straight away who she was.

    Me: My family are involved with JWs. The new world was supposed to come in the mid-seventies but it didn't. My mum said people give up Christmas and birthdays but it's worth it because they get to live in a paradise earth forever. I can see that, but what if it doesn't come and you've given up all those things and more your whole life?

    JW: Oh it will come because God cannot lie. It says that in the Bible.

    Me: Now if you were born in India where I just visited in February you wouldn't believe in the Bible, you would have been raised a Hindu, Muslim or Sikh. Their Gods don't say these same things, it just depends where in the world you're born as to what you believe.

    JW: Oh we're all over the world in every country (missing the point entirely)

    Me: well my mother waited her whole life for the fulfilment of your Bible teachings and she's dead now. She thought I wouldn't go to school and I turned sixty last Saturday.

    JW: I'm sorry, but your mum will be resurrected.

    Me: It's not just that she died disappointed, she lived unhappily too. She and my dad were very unhappy together but the elder she went to for help told her she couldn't leave him because she couldn't get a divorce on grounds of incompatibility. If she did she would have to spend her whole life alone. So she was miserable in her marriage and that affects your children too you know. So we were all unhappy.

    (She started edging away at this but I wasn't finished)

    If I had raised my daughter in the region she wouldn't have been encouraged to go to university, it's frowned on isn't it?

    JW: Well yes my daughter has given up her career for her faith.

    Me: What about when she gets older and wants to buy a house or travel the world and later when she doesn't have a pension?

    JW: Oh I don't look that far ahead.

    Me: Well I think you should. My mother waited all her life for a promise that was never fulfilled. She's dead and gone, the children who were never supposed to go to school in this old world are sixty plus. I have a great-nephew who is two, he'll be denied all these things I just listed and he'll wait for this paradise too, what about him?

    By this time she was looking really flushed and stressed and said 'well if you don't believe in it' and was edging away. So I said it was nice to see her and let her go. I hope something I said got through. It struck me that talking about my personal experience helped without overtly attacking the religion.

  • ToesUp

    Great job. It is amazing how quickly they turn off and want to high tail it outta there. I believe JW's will be having more and more "visitors" at their carts soon. There will be lots of interesting conversations.

  • humbled

    Her reaction said it hit the emotional chinks in her spiritual armor. Good. I hope the dart works through her brain.

  • LongHairGal


    Good that you did it the way you did by talking about yourself and not getting strident in attacking/criticizing the religion.

    Interesting how she says she doesn’t “look that far ahead”. Really? She’s married and supported and the future is obviously not a pressing problem for her.

    I remember older ladies back in the day who said things like that (for my benefit) - meanwhile they were married with no worries about money. I was single and needed to work. I let it go in one ear and out the other.

    Anybody else with a brain and who has the slightest bit of concern HAS to look ahead and plan for the future. Even the “lowly ant stores up...”. The bible TELLS us to plan. Only Jehovah’s Witnesses have ignored this. Well, I’m glad I ignored THEM.

  • smiddy3

    I think you handled that very well Xanthippe

  • JunkYardDog

    excellent job. you just kept beating her over and over. She knew very well what you were saying is TRUTH... And she just kept LYING her ass off. jw's like to walk away proud, but you made her MELT, she got smaller and smaller. most likely she never been told such things in FS. It will stick in her mind... when I talk to jw's I like to use the same tactic, about how old I am and I was never going to finish grade school. how my grandmom was of the generation of 1914 and died at 95 yrs old some 24 yrs ago I think she would be 120 yrs old this May. Did jesus really teach that? I just stand there and watch Jw's melt... JYD

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    she approached you--with a leaflet. you never asked her for it---so she was fair game.

    i dont go near the cart attendants, but if any call at my house--then thats different. they dont get away lightly.

  • slimboyfat

    Very good. It’s always interesting/amusing that JWs are not prepared for a real answer to their message from people who know what it’s about. In fact if you respond from a position of knowledge they almost act as if you are speaking out of turn or being rude somehow. They just can’t cope with an intelligent response. It’s a very fragile ideology carried by fragile egos.

  • cofty

    Well done Xan.

    If every ex-JW did the same it could really make a difference. I'm hoping to get the chance to talk to one or two in Edinburgh today. Problem is most of them recognise me now.

  • freddo

    Absolutely stunning job Xanthippe. Well done girl!

    However I must take issue with this statement you made ...

    "She thought I wouldn't go to school and I turned sixty last Saturday."

    I saw your posted pic of you in front of the Taj Mahal. You look in your late 40's at the most!

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