1290 JW Congregations have been deleted since 4th Dec 2022

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    I wonder where the people that attend the Crest Hill KH will go; that’s 3 congregations, and I believe this KH was built in 2010.
    The closest KHs are Joliet and Plainfield (unless they decide to sell those).

    I have attended the Crest Hill Kingdom Hall several times for a wedding and a funeral talk. The inside is modern and the outside sits in a beautiful rural setting. Must be sitting on several acres.

    I will be seeing my cousin soon. Hopefully, he brings up that his Kingdom Hall is being deleted. I will play dumb and pretend I don't know anything about the Society closing the doors on all the congregations that attend this Kingdom Hall.

    I will ask him several questions: Why is the Society closing the Kingdom Hall? Is it because the 3 congregations cannot pay the mortgage loans? What's going to happen to the property? Where will you be attending for your meetings? Are they planning on selling the property?

  • lancegalahadx


    Sounds like plan. I believe Shorewood and Crest Hill congs share it with a Spanish Cong.

    I knew many people in both those English congs years ago. I wonder how many are out now.

    Please keep us posted!

    PS. Sent you a private email on this board.

  • Hellothere

    I bet with all money watchtower sending to Africa, JWs there must be driving luxury cars and wearing gold 😁. What a scam.

  • LongHairGal


    Sorry, I’m not buying it. If anybody wants to believe they are ‘building halls in Africa’, I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell them.

    I am inclined to believe like VIDIOT does that halls there would be relatively inexpensive to make.

  • joe134cd

    This using the money to build halls in Africa is total nonsense. Here is something I posted on a thread a while back:

    Talking about the disparity between wealthy and poorer countries. I remember as a PIMI, that the KH I attended was going through, what I considered to be, an unnecessary renovation.

    During this exact same time I had to travel to a developing country, for work purposes. While visiting a town I decided to attend a meeting. Tbh the Kingdom Hall, I felt, was in a very bad state of repair. What I found troubling, so much so that I can remember it to this day, is that we were squandering money on a building that really didn’t need it. Why wasn’t wt designating this money to this KH in this developing country. I now know the reason why. Shortly after the ReFab the KH was sold, in order for a quickly built hall. The buggers walked away with a 100k ReFab, that its members paid for, and a $mill plus for when the hall was sold.

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