Russia is Smart

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  • Kohanic

    So according to the Law Department's meeting in Feb 2016, Russia has been studying the linguistics of the Watchtower articles and discovered its brainwashing abilities!

    Lol it's funny now that I'm on the Russian side of this debate now, ban them all!

  • Crazyguy

    Once I Read and understood their teachings on blood transfusions I would of banned them too!

  • OrphanCrow

    I think Russia has a long memory

    "Babylon the Great Has Fallen and God's Kingdom Rules" can still be found despite the org's attempts to stifle their history

  • Diogenesister

    Lloyd Evans picked up on that and showed the head of the legal department actually describing what linguistics study entails. He actually said that they will look at a book etc and if the language used is such that someone will be "mind controlled" by the end of it, then that is extremist literature and *that* is how they determined whether an organization is extremist; essentially whether their literature brainwashed people.

    Guess what? Yup, Watchtower literature passed the mind controll test with flying colours!!! I couldn't believe it! That he actually told his jw audience this is why Russia shut Watchtower down. That was the reason. He said this type of linguistic study is unknown over here but roll on, bring it on I say if this is the result!

  • Diogenesister

    Is "my book of bible stories" extremist? Yes! If you are giving it to 6 year olds it is!!!

    NB I think the Russian gov't women the Watchtower legal guy was posing that question to: " is my book of bible stories extremist?", when she answered, not knowing the content of that specific book, was answering generally that all Watchtower literature uses subliminal messaging (not put well)to mind control people.

  • scratchme1010
    Lol it's funny now that I'm on the Russian side of this debate now, ban them all!


  • Tech49

    At first glance, one might think....the Bible Stories Book??? How is that subversive and extremist. But then I remember back to when my kids were young. We studied with them in that book, like good little JWś are supposed to do. But now in retrospect, I remember distinctly skipping over many chapters, because I just didnt think they were appropriate for children. I remember having that conversation with my wife, and we both agreed that we didnt need to expose our young children to sex, rape, murder, bestiality, genocide, etc etc. Sadly, at the time, we couldnt see the forest for the trees.

    Extremist..... yes.

  • _Morpheus

    God what a slippery slope of stupidity.

    Most books are written with the aim to convince the reader of certain view point. Thats hardly extremist because you disagree with the idea. All the shit lloyd writes is extremist by that definition, its just trying to convince you of a view point you agree with so its different.

    I hate the wt. banning them because you disagree is wrong. Your favorite view point is next if thats what we are doing. Freedom entails responsibility and the understanding that other view points , even those you dont agree with, are the right of others to posses.

  • Drearyweather

    Hi Kohanic,

    Since you have told that Russia is smart because they have banned the witnesses, I would like to know your opinion on the following questions:

    1. Since Russia is smart by banning JW's, have you ever felt of moving and settling in Russia since you will be out of the JW influence and would be in a smart country?

    2. If banning JW's is smart move, what do you feel about North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran etc, who have JW's banned too?

    3. Since you are on the Russian side of the debate now, you completely agree that all individual JW's should be criminalized and put into prison for conducting meetings and going for preaching and all individual JW home should be put under constant surveillance. Am I right?

    4. Do you feel that the Russian family who was awarded the parental glory award by Putin be arrested for raising their kids as JW's?

    5. Since you now agree that JW's are extremists and that you are in a constant fear of being mind-controlled, have you considered moving to one of the countries which don't have JW's?

    6. Since you agree that JW's are extremists who should be criminalized, what is your first reaction when you see JW's standing next to a cart? Do you feel like running away in fear? or Do you sense the danger of being instantly mind-controlled and brainwashed if you even pass by the cart?

  • Kohanic

    Woah hey now. I never said specifically what I agreed with in the above. I was thinking in terms of the linguistical studies behind their concerns. Sorry that I didnt make that part clear. I agreed with their study of analyzing the way information is presented in this regard. Im not talking about politics or anything. May have jumped the gun on saying ban them, I'm more emotionally charged at the moment as I'm new to all this so I apologize.

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