new book: Jehovah's Witnesses for Dummies

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  • Ravyn

    ok---so should I just leave it blank or try to write something between the cover pages?


  • Hamas


    Best to leave it blank

  • Dansk

    Hi Ravyn,

    Why not stick it with this lot


  • DanTheMan

    Reminds me of the other night:

    I was in the car with my dad and his wife (who were never JW's). I was trying to explain to them the 144,000 spoken of in Revelation and how the Cracktower Showciety ties that in to Matthew 24:45 to come up with their authority doctrine. I was laughing trying to explain it to them, it is such a baseless, convoluted, and obviously self-serving doctrine, it was funny, I guess you had to be there.

  • ScoobySnax

    DantheVan.......erm, yeah, I guess you did.........

  • NeonMadman

    Isn't the title sort of redundant?

  • kgfreeperson

    Believe me, as someone with no background who is trying to understand all this, "JWs for Dummies" would be greatly appreciated. Of course the Watch Tower would hate it because in trying to make it coherent, it would become abundantly clear what a mass of craziness and contradiction the "doctrine" comprises.

  • Satanus

    Somebody really oughta write one. They could put a good load of humour into it.


  • DanTheMan

    Maybe we could let Scoobysnax write one of the Chapters:

    Chapter 6 (contributed by Scott ___)

    "Why I like JW's"

    I grew up as a JW.

    I have good memories of growing up as a JW.

    The once a year that I go to the KH for a meeting, JW's are very nice to me, they pat me on the back and ask me how things are going, they even remember my name!

    I really like JW's. Especially because they are so nice to me.

    Those nasty people on Simon's board, I just don't understand why they are so negative, especially when I try to joke with them about how they foam at the mouth and picket conventions with gold plated placards. Can't they take an insult joke?

    This is the fullest extent that I am able to reason on this matter, therefore this is the end of this chapter.

  • Thunder Rider
    Thunder Rider

    Shouldn't it be titled, "Jehovah's Witnesses for Are Dummies"?

    I shoud know I was one.

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