"For God Loved the World so much that he gave his only Begotten Son in order that ....faith ..not destroyed ..everlasting life.

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  • smiddy

    Is it just me ? or is their an inconsistency / contradiction here somewhere .? maybe everywhere?

    In genesis God allows Satan after deceiving the first human pair to go relatively unpunished for thousands of years interacting between heaven and earth at will.

    The so called punishment is not to take effect until thousands of years later.

    In the meantime .

    The wager ( ?) between Jehovah and Satan over jobs loyalty in question ,and obviously satan still having communication with God in the heavens. ( Even though he was the instigator of the human rebellion ( sin ) against jehovah.?

    Obviously Jehovah never shunned Satan for his rebellion

    Jesus apparently has always had the opportunity to have a one on one with satan as is demonstrated in the gospels.Mt 4:8

    So jesus never shunned satan for being an opposer .

    Then again Jehovah allows Satan to be the God of this system of things ? Jehovahs creation ? to be the ruler of this world ? 2Cor.4:4

    And Rom .13:1-5 says that it is in fact Jehovah God who gives Satan the authority to rule over the world of mankind that causes so much trouble and strife for the world of mankind that God/jehovah gave his only begotten son that everyone who exercises faith in him might gain everlasting life.?

    Does that even make sense ?

    What are your thoughts ?

    Is it just me ? or is their an inconsistency / contradiction here somewhere .? maybe everywhere?

  • venus

    Perfect logic, JW's policy of shunning is unchristian

  • tiki

    Obviously...it is incomprehensible to the mentally diseased ones...

  • Charles Gillette
    Charles Gillette

    Also,when Adam and Eve disobeyed God,He immediately punished them.When Jesus paid the ransom He did not act immediately.He has not to this day released mankind from Adam and Eve's sin. Why not? Because,none of this story is true.If it was, we should be free, paradise should have been restored as soon as Jesus paid the ransom.However,let me repeat. The story does not make sense.The evidence for this account just is not there. Blueblades

  • OnTheWayOut

    The JW's actually do a good job of making it almost make sense except for the few big glaring inconsistencies.

    It's only been less than "a week" since Adam sinned. Well, really just a day.....it's still God's day of rest and the whole 1975 thing played right into a "7-thousand-years DAY" for Jehovah. But then that didn't happen.

    I mean, surely we can expect that God will indulge Satan's accusations for "a day." And somewhere in that day, God already offered Jesus to smooth things out.

    What I have learned ever since the writers for the silly 1980's television show DALLAS decided to bring a dead character back by saying an entire season of shows was "just a dream" is that it is all in the writing and then denial of any inconsistencies that makes for the show to go on.

    If you offer an explanation, it doesn't have to be a good one. It just has to explain. As silly as "just a dream" was, "overlapping-generation" is way sillier. Yet, the show goes on.

  • venus

    Charles Gillette,

    Yes, God could have acted immediately on receiving ransom, if Edenic story were true--nice point!

  • konceptual99

    Just playing devils advocate here...

    There is nothing in JW rules that prevent elders having occasional communication with DFed ones. In fact they are told to catch up with them once a year. There is nothing to suggest that Jehovah or Jesus had anything other than occasional contact with Satan. On top of that, Satan and his demons had already been sent away from the primary influence of Jehovah in heaven.

    Satan was not punished directly since he was the instigator of the rebellion and time is needed to see if his challenge holds water.

    Satan has been allowed to influence the world of mankind to see if it can do better than without God. Jehovah has refused to interject in mankind's affairs and suffering so as not to be accused of loading the die. Although it is apparently OK for him to shift some sand onto an island so a KH can be built.

    Jehovah and Jesus would need occasional dialogue with Satan otherwise they could be accused of acting unfairly.

    As OTWO says, no big inconsistencies there if you are a WT supporter. The story can be as crazy as you like but if you love the show you'll keep watching.

  • Bugbear


    It looks like if you are on the track to get the enlightenment on a subject that philosophers have been struggling with for 2000 years. We all grow up with the very core of Christian believes namely that Christ died to relieve us from our sins and give us eternal life.

    How is it possible for a God to “forgive our sins”, when we just committed another one, namely Killed his own son and humiliated and spitted on him. What is the logic? It looks to me that this “Christian idea” actually is against all human etic logic and all for human understandably thoughts.

    But religious ideas don’t have any logic reasons. They are just full of blah, blah, and blah. And if you start questioning, and try to straighten out the thoughts into a clear understandable line of axioms, you are from Satan, you will go to hell, and you are Godless atheists and you seduce the young like Socrates…. And some of them are tortured, burned on stakes or forced to take poison, because their ideas are dangerous…. So PLS keep your mouth shut, that is the safest way to stay alive

  • FedUpJW

    There is nothing in JW rules that prevent elders having occasional communication with DFed ones. In fact they are told to catch up with them once a year.

    That has actually changed now. No longer do they make contact with DF'd ones. Only if they should happen across them in their "serve us", and if the DF'd one is either known to them or informs them they are DF'd. Then they just give them the Return to Jehovah pamphlet. This told to me personally by the local COBE. Can't have those oh so important elders wasting time looking for "lost" sheep like the shepherd in Jesus parable now can we.

    Now why am I FedUp?

  • konceptual99

    Ah yes - you are right FedUp. The letter was in Feb this year.

    They still may make the first step just not as a result of a formal yearly arrangement.

    Rather, elders should use good judgment in determining when and how to make brief contact with disfellowshipped or disassociated individuals. For example, if a disfellowshipped individual gives some evidence of changing his ways, an elder could remind the individual of how he can return to Jehovah. Such brief contact could be made while an elder engages in the house-to-house ministry. While shopping, an elder may see a disfellowshipped person who ha not been contacted in years and choose to approach him. An older or infirm elder may find it more practical to make contact by telephone.


    Thanks for the reminder of the policy change.

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