"For God Loved the World so much that he gave his only Begotten Son in order that ....faith ..not destroyed ..everlasting life.

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  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Ok, so this is why Jehovah is doing things this way....this is how one of the brothers explained it at a convention...

    If Jehovah would answer Satan then he would prove Satan right, Jehovah's tactics are different from Satans....if Jehovah were to answer Satan, in a negative way, then Satan would be right about Jehovah....

    This explains it best..."Satan has been allowed to influence the world of mankind to see if it can do better than without God. Jehovah has refused to interject in mankind's affairs and suffering so as not to be accused of loading the dice". well put by Konceptual99...

    That's why the witnesses are into predictions of the end....they tired of waiting too....so to take up time they predict...ever see when they write in their literature....What has Jehovah/Jesus been doing since 1914 ? So they go on to explain what they think they are doing....but I bet they want to say....What the heck you and your son doing up there....we have been telling the friends you are setting up a kingdom, but Jehovah, gives up some type of sign, we are losing members....spoke to one of my family members, and one of their in-laws just left the org....


  • konceptual99

    What Witnesses are conveniently choosing to forget and being conditioned to forget by the WTS is that the Bible contains the predictions for the end by their OWN interpretation.

    It's Jesus that gives the signs of the times of the end. It's Jesus that talks about a generation. It's the Bible that gives a succession of events to note in Revelation. It's the Bible that sets up the establishment of a Kingdom to recover the situation lost in Eden.

    Yes - the precise date is not recorded. Yes - there is counsel about the day coming as a thief in the night. But the Bible is apparently full of signs that would lead observant ones to conclude the time is close.

    Yet now, whilst the supposed poor state of the world is used to make ones feel like something needs to change the fact that the Bible is clear about there being a start and, critically, an END to the last days is given less and less attention. People are told to have faith that it is imminent without any concrete evidence whilst not serving for a date whilst Jesus was crystal clear about a generation and other references like the days being needing to be CUT SHORT.

    Either these mean something or they don't.

    Given that the WTS cannot deny that they DO mean something then they are forced to simply go down the route of cognitive dissonance and encourage people not to think about it and kid themselves that actually timescales related to prophecies about the last times mean nothing other than it's imminent.

    I guarantee that not one Witness will be able to provide a straight answer as to if the end if imminent or not, scriptural reasons for the understanding on the generation and what the reason for signs are if a date does not matter. They will deflect, obfuscate, deny, squirm, whirl - anything to avoid being straight since it simply means confusion.

    If they refuse to say the end is imminent then they should watch Tony's closing remarks from the convention - "the end is imminent" - and then ask if they agree or not. As a side point - this to me is exactly like 1975 - the WTS making statements that they will never have to answer for. This is the video btw...


    They simply cannot have it both ways yet are trying their damnest to make it so.

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