Will the UN turn on Religion?

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  • DNCall

    I'm a little rusty with this stuff but I seem to recall that Jehovah puts it into the heart of the beast to destroy the harlot. The fact that the UN is impotent would make this more of a miracle; not unlike the account in Judges where the Israelites drenched the altar before Jah set it ablaze! There's enough craziness in the Bible for any crazy religion to hang its hat on.

  • jws

    Religion is dying and it has nothing to do with the UN.

    People are learning what a hoax it is. Belief in god is starting to die off. In this media-rich world, it's cons are being exposed. From the nonsense beliefs to the outright cons like the faith healers to the greed of many pastors to the abuse scandals. And the natural world is being explained. People no longer have to look for mysterious explanations.

    If anything, you might say media (from the internet, film, books, etc) is what's turning on and destroying religion.

    So religion is being turned on, but the JWs called it wrong. A big part of it being the thing they're now promoting with JW.org - the internet.

  • Finkelstein

    the opening gambit of the Great Tribulation will occur when the United Nations turns on organized religion to devastate them and leave them naked of people and resources.

    Yes an organization such as the UN that has many registered religious NGO organizations, in a country like the US that has a large religious population base, is going to turn on religion altogether, that makes so much probable and practical sense.

    Ancient mythology such as what was written in the bible as what was written in the book of Revelation is fiction.

    So try to extrapolate actual and real occurrences today is laughably ignorant.

  • Lieu

    Do UN troops fight or something? Last I recalled UN troops don't engage in combat.

    They'd (WTBTS) probably like to change that to NATO but too late, caught wrong in 'predictions' again.

  • konceptual99

    It does not matter how much you criticise this doctrine, Witnesses still hold onto it not least because of the scripture saying "god will put it into their hearts". They don't care what the evidence suggests, they think it's all in god's hands and therefore inevitable.

  • Thisismein1972
    I believe the watchtower are already slowly moving away from this teaching. How many recent studies, and/or talks have there been regarding the UN? As fare as I'm aware, very few. However, I have been out of the loop for over 2 years now.
  • dozy

    It's all part of the WTBTS persecution complex. The same mindset that has them imagining heavily armed soldiers going from door to door looking for the "witnesses" huddled in a bunker.

  • Vidiot

    One of my very fist "wait, what?" moments (back when I was still in) was when I happened to come across the aspects of the UN Charter dealing with religious freedoms.

    The funniest part is that not only are the UN's official policies completely contrary to what we were taught, but at this point in time, all the UN Security Council can do is vigorously wag their finger when some rogue state misbehaves. :smirk:

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