Will the UN turn on Religion?

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  • no-zombie

    As all Witnesses know, the opening gambit of the Great Tribulation will occur when the United Nations turns on organized religion to devastate them and leave them naked of people and resources. However, as Jehovah's Judgement Day has been spoken of as being "imminent", the question that can be fairly asked ... 'Is the United Nations Organization actually in a position to act as God's destroyer of false religion?'

    While I have no doubt that most within that organization had in the past tried to make the lives of the desperate better, the United Nations has unfortunately now become a weak and underfunded political eunuch. This is because, the real power of the UN lies within the Security Council but by the very rules of it; namely the powers of veto, nothing of substance can be done unless all member countries agree. Which it never does due to the competing nature of the super powers within. As a result, even if the blue helmets are moved into a hot spot, they are generally so limited by their rules of engagement that they can barely able to defend themselves, let alone help others even in the face of clear ethnic or religious fueled atrocities.

    This has not gone unnoticed by those in the know, who have publicly stated that the UN’s days may actually be numbered and that it might disappear as did the League of Nations. Some have even openly wondered whether the peace the globe has generally enjoyed was more a product of the Truman Doctrine rather than the lofty ideals of the United Nations.

    Either way, the UN is far from the Beast portrayed in Watchtower articles. And in a very real sense, as the world becomes more and more focused on people’s individual human rights, the United Nations has less and less a mandate or the real political power, to imposed the draconian laws expected by the Governing Body.

    This being the case, we needn’t worry about the UN bulldozing our Kingdom Halls anytime soon. Rather, the reality is that it’s more likely we’ll see them bulldozed by property developers … sold off on the cheap for a string of houses.

    PS - Witnesses may counter argue that miracles do happen and the UN could still grow some teeth. But even when Biblical empires fought according to prophecy, armies like those of Cyrus didn’t grow overnight. Rather it took decades to build them, even if the wars they fought were rather short. That being so, the facts are that the faithful are not in “imminent” threat from the United Nations, even if it had the intention to do so.





  • alanv

    I was actually having the same thoughts myself. The U N is a long way from the a scarlet coloured wild beat that turns on religion. They have very little power now on the world scene, and there often are news reports stating that the UN seems unable to do anything about one conflict or another. Certainly no sign at all of it having any power or intention to turn on world religion.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Given the record of The Watchtower Bible & Tract Society being 100% WRONG with their "Bible-based" speculations, what justification do you have for suggesting they might be RIGHT about this speculation?

    I'll say it now, in plain language: there will NEVER be a "Great Tribulation;" there will never be a "not-so-great tribulation."

  • berrygerry

    But the members of the security council have been telling Russia that they are being rude. /s

  • sir82

    The UN has neither the power nor the influence to do so much as convince a little old lady to cross the street....so, no, I don't expect them to "turn on religion".

    The WTS lives in a dream world where they themselves are somehow significant, and "Satan" is actively fighting against them, and the UN is an evil monstrous force soon to be hell-bent on destroying the world's religions, and the entire earth was 100% submerged for a full year only 4400 years ago, and all sorts of other really weird, detached-from-reality notions.

  • Chook

    All governments throughout history have eventually turned against religion. It's just that WT was funding wild beast through its membership. One of the worlds best historians ( Martin Armstrong)have been saying this for years.

  • sparrowdown

    You said it yourself the rest of the world would have to agree to anyting as big a "turning on the harlot and eating up her fleshy parts."

    Though, I always thought "turning on religion" would mean closing down churches and "eating her fleshy parts" would mean selling off and siezing of assets.

    Has watchtower started to liquidate in preparation?

    And, if they truly believe religion's days are numbered then why would they build a big ass broadcasting studio and headquarters?

    What they do is always more telling than what they say.

  • stuckinarut2

    The society likes to think that everything revolves around them...as if the whole world is out to get them.

    Newsflash! The world in general does not even notice or care about the WT society

  • NewYork44M

    The Watchtower never gave a good definition of what "turning on religion" really means. Do you have an idea of what is the practical application of this "turning?"

    Once you think through what they suggest, it is actually pretty silly.


    The term "fleshy parts" always made me horny. Is that weird?


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