How many times jehovah is said in a prayer

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  • Giordano

    FedupJW: He loved himself so much he probably didn't need any.

  • OverlappingGeneralizations

    I got so used to the standard, overly-wordy opening and closing:

    "Dear gracious, merciful, kind, heavenly father Jehovah, we would like to approach your throne of undeserved kindness at this time as humble servants..."

    "...and we say all of this, (dramatic pause...) in the name of your dear son, our ransomer and king, Jesus Christ, amen"

    Funny you should mention a brother not saying "amen". There is one brother who gives prayers and never says amen. He just grumbles into the mic at the end. "In Jesus name, mmmphmm". You see everybody slowly lifting their heads, looking left and right, thinking "Was that it? Are we done?"

  • steve2

    It's a little like fortifying your food with extra vitamins and minerals and believing the more you add, the better the food will be.

    Ditto, when you pray to Jehovah: Say his name as often as you can and He will see how genuinely sincere and earnest you are - and your prayer will be more effective.

    Gullibility and superstitious thinking drown out rational and evidence-based thinking every time.

  • baker

    Praying to anything is just a ritual, that our society has now made a game of it, and deservedly so, as depicted by Hollywood, that we most all are gullible, cause our only final proof is to die, and that happens only once.

  • jookbeard

    those ridiculous stupid prayers used to really anger me even as a R&F, attention seeking fools most of them or old men close to senility and dementia

  • baker

    When i went to assembly ,s the only time i would clap was the last prayer, only because the mental anguish was finally over and looking around at others who looked like they really meant it, or were they really ln like mind with me and just glad it was over. One prayer years ago I think in Rosenburg, I timed it was over 10 minutes and I was close to walking out, but really clapped louder than ever when it was over....

  • ttdtt

    OMG! There are 2 elders in my hall (that I don't go to anymore) who said Jehovah all the time in prayer.

    It was so strange sounding, and odd, like maybe they thought god didnt know his name? If you did this in regular conversation the person you talked to would thing you were strange.

    "Hi Joe, you know I was thinking Joe I would like to do something nice. Joe I know you can help me Joe, but I want to know that you Joe would be interested. Now Joe I know that just because I ask you Joe to help, you may not do it Joe." And on and on.


  • blondie

    If imitating Jesus in prayer, how many times did Jesus use "Jehovah" in his prayers?

  • stuckinarut2

    BINGO Blondie!!

    Great comment!

  • steve2

    Even when Jesus said "Let your name be sanctified," he never even uttered the literal name. In fact he addresses his prayer to "Our Father..."

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