Casting Out DEMONS

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Let's forget about psychotics. Let's just talk about people who aren't psychotic.

    What of them? Even if someone is cured of their psychosis, I wouldn't trust them to tell me the truth.

    Neither of my two friends were psychotic. Both are people I would have trusted my life with. If they tell me these things happened, I take them at their word, just as if they'd witnessed a traffic accident. Because I've lived in homes that are more than single-level dwellings, I know what it sounds like to hear someone upstairs walking around over me. And when I hear footsteps, I dang well know someone is up there.

    But what if there isn't? What could explain someone hearing the sound of a large chest of drawers falling over and making enough of a sound that you'd go get a gun? To say everyone who's experienced this sort of thing, or who's seen a UFO the size of a football field flying overhead (including several police officers), are psychotic is denial. Again, if these things are real (whether you want to call them demons or evil spirits, ghosts, whatever), then they need to be explained. And yes, I believe their existence implies there's a God. But if you don't believe in God, you should also be open-minded enough to accept that their might be alternative explanations that lie outside of the human psyche.

    These type of phenomena have been around for centuries and are not affected by the various developments in photography. What about the news team that visited the house and were pinched, touched and videotaped a door closing by itself? No one explanation will apply to everyone.

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