Casting Out DEMONS

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  • Jayk
    My mom was very over protective of us growing up. We knew of a few very crazy things that had gone on with close family friends.
  • deegee
    They are not always just suffered by one person which could be disregarded as mental issues but if 2 or 3 in the room witness the same thing how is that possible?-------- moreconfusedthanever

    There’s a name for that……”Folie à deux”. Google it.

    Also Google: “Co-Occurring Disorders”, “Dual diagnosis”.

  • moreconfusedthanever

    deegee - thanks I will.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Hmmm...I had a good friend in college who said he lived in a troubled house...419 "L" Street, Atchison, Kansas. He said he had a small study in his home where a middle-aged man was frequently seen in a chair. His family used to rent a room to foreign exchange students and one, from France, came to dinner one night. He was seen counting off the number of settings at the table and asked if the man in the study would be joining them. When he was told about the man, the fellow turned about and promptly returned to the study convinced he'd seen a man sitting there.

    No one was there. The family had problems with footsteps at night, lights appearing on walls that appeared at first to be car headlights, but when they'd hold their hands up in front of it, there were no shadows. One night, his family came home and found my friend's brother, Matthew, with their father's gun. He thought Mark was upstairs because he heard the footsteps overhead...louder than he'd heard before. He called for Mark but no one answered. Moments later, he heard someone running above him, then heard a door shut. Moments later there was the sound of what sounded like a chest being pushed over. It was so loud he went upstairs expecting to see his brother, but no one was there. He checked his father's room and there was no one. So he found his father's pistol and rushed back downstairs. Nothing more happened until his parents returned. A few minutes later, Mark came home from work. The whole family searched the house, but there not only was no one there, they could find nothing to explain the noise of a chest being toppled.

    Mark had a number of stories and his family backed him up. His mother said she was taking laundry downstairs and she tripped over something on the stairs. Someone caught her and she, thinking it was her husband who had come up behind her, turned and found no one there. She asked the rest of the family why an evil spirit would keep her from falling instead of letting her break her neck, so she said she didn't want help from the family's minister. The only bad experience happened when the French foreign exchange student brought in a Ouiji Board in to contact the "spirit" he saw in the study. Mark sat as the recorder and, when they attempted to speak to the spirit, even though he was sitting with all four legs of his chair down, he felt as though he were falling backwards. Matthew, the student, and two friends of the student, swore he'd gotten up and began swearing at them with every foul word he could utter. He began shoving one of them and was knocked down. He was getting up when he was knocked back down. It was at that time, he said, that he regained his faculties. He swears he had no memory of attacking them or being knocked down, though he said his face hurt where he'd been punched.

    I knew another fellow, who's still a good friend (Mark's now dead). He had problems with something standing at the foot of his bed and staring at him. He'd wake up feeling as though someone was watching him. He said it was a tall man, just a silhouette, with a top hat, cane and eyes. He was one of my roommates in school. I've since learned this is a fairly common occurrence and many people have reported seeing exactly the same thing. Only there was no Internet back then, so I had no knowledge of it. I thought it was just him. I know this guy as well as I do my own brother, and there's no way he'd lie about this. (Do a search for "hat man shadow people.") He said the man appeared in different parts of the room, sometimes with the hat on and sometimes carrying the hat with the cane in the same hand. It was always accompanied by an intense cold and a feeling of evil. He finally stopped sleeping in the dark and kept a light on.

    I concur that if these types of spirits can exist, then it must mean that God exists, else how can they be?

    Hat Man Shadow Person

    Hat Man Haunts

  • Finkelstein

    Demons are drawn out from human imagination and presumptive emotive imagery, they aren't real.

    People who do strong illicit drugs or suffering from a mental biological imbalance are said to see unknown things.

  • WTWizard

    This simply fails to address the real problem. All you have to do is read that f***ing LIE-ble and heed its rotten advice, or spread that filthy cancer out in field circus even once a month, and Satan and the Demons will simply turn their backs on you. No reason to exorcise them--they simply leave. Period.

    Of course, the real problem is ANGELS attacking. Those things are trying to get you to do ever more for joke-hova to enslave the whole human race, and will make you afraid that Satan and/or the Demons will persist until you are totally in compliance with joke-hova. Praying and doing more for joke-hova will provide temporary relief, as they are getting you back into serving to enslave the world. But, as time goes by, they raise the bar some more and you will need to do even more to cut off their attacks. Ultimately, you are supposed to spend (waste) all your resources on the enslavement of the world project (which they do not need your help--they are already nearing completion of the whole project) and be afraid of anything that might take a little attention away from that.

    And they stop you from calling upon He whom can stop the real source of the problem. Obviously, if joke-hova's angels are attacking you, they are going to blame Satan and the Demons so you will not call on them. Joke-hova will only call off its dogs for a short time, only to milk you for more. Satan and the Demons, fighting for freedom, are the only Beings that have any will and power to cut off this attack from joke-hova. If you are blaming Satan for it, you are cutting yourself off from this and placing yourself at the mercy of joke-hova who can and will extort more out of you through these attacks.

  • smiddy3

    During the 70`s and 80`s the congregations I was in their were a number of cases where supposed demon action affected some members of the congregation and the Elders were involved in counselling and advising the members how to be free of it.

    Often times it was suggested they get rid of something that was purchased through garage sales or anything that had to do with eastern culture .Other times it had to do with "suspect" music, the word going around then was backward masking, playing records in reverse had demonic sayings on them . Another time trying to burn records that could not be consumed by fire . .One bro,was into books on Egyptology and he was experiencing demon attacks,so he got rid of his books on advisement.

    We had the smurf story doing the rounds as well as an Elder relating an experience of a brother who tried to get rid of an object by throwing it out of his house only to have it rebound back inside.

    A sister also complained to the elders she was being sexually abused by the demons ,I dont know the outcome of that one.

    Their was one Elder who was quite adept at applying scriptures but was a bit obsessed with anything demonic.

    I was with him in FS one day when we called on a Pastor of a church and he tore ribbons off of him with his use of the Bible .He could debate the bible with the best of them.

    However I kid you not he seriously thought "Skippy The bush Kangaroo" had to be demon possessed to do what he did. (An Australian kids TV show)

  • venus

    If JWs are God's people, and if demons really exist, they would simply stamp them out completely. If that did not happen, it means either JWs are not God's people, or demons do not exist.

    If demons exist, they must be perverted and would enjoy seeing the pains of others. If so, they would know how to make all the nukes of the world explode on their own and kill every human being on earth. They don't do it, which means demons do not exists.

  • deegee
    I concur that if these types of spirits can exist, then it must mean that God exists, else how can they be? ------Cold Steel
    Persons having mystical experiences with psychotic features also report encounters with spirits – demonic forces and/or helping spirits:

    Once the person is cured, these encounters with demons or helping spirits stop.
  • cofty

    There are no demons FFS!

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