Casting Out DEMONS

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  • punkofnice

    They need professional medical help. They do not need advice based on a crappy old book as explained by window cleaners and care takers under orders from the Governing body.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Just because people with psychotic issues report issues with demons proves nothing. Many people without psychotic personalities also claim to have had issues. It's like people who have had near death experiences and people who see UFOs. Certainly there are some fruitcakes out there, but there also are good, decent, honorable people who say they've had experiences with the paranormal. (Even psychotics have normal experiences, so just because some psychotics say they saw something they can't explain doesn't cover all the others.) People all over Phoenix, Arizona, saw UFOs (some as large as football fields) on March 13, 1997. How does one explain that?

    Atheists have to discount the paranormal world of ghosts, spirits because of the implications. They thus keep their minds closed to the possibility that there's life after death, or beings of evil. I think atheists can be agnostics when it comes to the paranormal. The existence of life after death can be argued that there's a God, but it doesn't necessarily mean there is a God. Perhaps there's life after death but no God. Or perhaps we exist for a while, then cease to exist. But if God exists, and He doesn't write His name across the heavens to prove He exists, there's a chance that evil spirits aren't under the same restrictions. From what little is surmised from the existence of spirits, they don't seem to be anywhere near all powerful; they also apparently are not permitted or able to take human life unless people give their lives totally over to them.

    Whatever the explanation, I think people are seeing and hearing something they can't explain. I don't believe all the videos and photographs are faked. People have had stories of hauntings in all cultures and times going back to ancient Greece and before. And the invention of cameras and film haven't seemed to have had any effect on the numbers of claimed hauntings. It leads me to wonder that if an atheist were to experience a haunting first hand, would it necessarily convert them to believing in a God?

  • Luo bou to
    Luo bou to

    I could never find a matching pair of socks till I learned of gremlins from a walt Disney programme these cheeky little buggars like playing tricks they were in my washing machine well I sure fixed them by marching around the washing machine 7times demanding they get out in the name of Jehovah


    When I was 14 years old I got involved in seances over a period of a few weeks. They do work. I couldn't explain the supernatural happenings. Scared me. Shocked me so much that I had to stop. I destroyed the glass and the glass board and alphabet on squares.

    This also gives me cognitive dissonance. Evil spirits but no god? Still not correctly sitting in the atheist position. Must be still agnostic.

    I believe what ever is out there in the way of evil spirits is also related to ufo's.

    The small number of unexplained ufo sightings which amount to about 5%, are called residual ufo sightings. They seem to be related to people who engage in occult activities like seances tarot cards ect. In these cases, these people seem to have continuous experiences whith these sightings and may even become traumatised by them. As if they are being harrased.

  • cofty
    They do work. - VWORg

    No they don't. Blindfold everybody apart from one observer who does not touch the glass and I guarantee you it will stop working.


    Cofty, it does not work with one person. That is correct. But 2 or more can be blindfolded and it will work.

    Also I have tried the divining rod and the pendulum. And they work as well.

  • cofty
    But 2 or more can be blindfolded and it will work

    That is factually incorrect. You should demonstrate that and claim $1million from James Randi

  • cofty

    When skeptics get involved, they seem to disappear. They lie, they swear in all the foulest words. They seem to be the ones in control.

  • cofty
    When skeptics get involved, they seem to disappear.


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