Who else had to sit though last weeks WT study, 6th Jan 2019 - "Buy Truth and Never Sell It"

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  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    WT Study for week of January 9, 2020- "Buy Real Estate in Brooklyn, Refurbish It With Free Labor, and Sell It For Billions 100 Years Later"

  • smiddy3

    Good point , on the one hand JW reject Dec.25th as a made up date of Jesus Christ birth accepted by Christendom ,

    And not accepted by true Christians { Jehovah`s Witnesses }

    On the other hand .

    The name of God =Jehovah a made up name by none other than a Catholic Spanish Monk of the 13th Century accepted by Christendom and also accepted by "True Christians" - Jehovah`s Witnesses" despite the fact that the JW`s /G.B. acknowledge that is not the correct pronunciation of the Divine name ,but one that is commonly used in Christendom. " Aid to Bible Understanding " first edition.

    Is it not obvious that double standards apply here and one that involves the Divine name that Jehovah`s Witnesses claim to uphold so dearly ? as THE NAME OF GOD ?

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